Laptop Battery for Toshiba Satellite, Satellite Pro SeriesLaptops (6-cell 4400mAh 10.8v ) [TOS-1310] NOW WITH FREE POWERBANK

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High Quality Replacement Laptop Battery for:


All our batteries are manufactured to the highest quality standards using the highest quality Li-Ion or Li-Poly cells, and are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Order today before 4pm from our warehouse in Surrey, and we will deliver to your UK address tomorrow*

*assuming item is in stock - call 01252 854411 with any questions.


6-cell 4400mAh 10.8v 47.5WH Lithium Ion (Li-Ion).

Compatible Laptop/Netbook/Notebook Model(s):

TOSHIBA PSAW9U-001001, PSC08U-06P038, PSK2LU-001003, PSK3JU-00N00R, PSMPBU-00K005, PSMPBU-0CE03F, PSMQ1U-005001.

TOSHIBA SATELLITE A660, A660-11M, A660-148, A660-149, A660-14C, A660-155, A660-15T, A660-17E, A660-17T, A660-18N, A660-1DW, A660-1DZ, A660-1F4, A660-1FH, A660-1FM, A660-1H6, A660-1H7, A660-BT2G22, A660-BT2G23, A660-BT2G25, A660-BT2N22, A660-BT2N23, A660-BT2N25, A660-BT3G25X, A660-BT3N25X, A660D, A660D-BT2N22, A660D-BT2N23, A660D-ST2G01, A660D-ST2G02, A660D-ST2NX2, A660-ST2GX1, A660-ST2N01, A660-ST2N02, A660-ST2N03, A660-ST2NX2, A660-ST3N01X, A660-ST3NX1, A660-ST3NX2X, A665, A665-11Z, A665-14Q, A665-14R, A665-3DV, A665-3DV1, A665-3DV10X, A665-3DV11X, A665-3DV12X, A665-3DV5, A665-3DV6, A665-3DV7, A665D, A665D-S5172, A665D-S5174, A665D-S5175, A665D-S5178, A665D-S6051, A665D-S6059, A665D-S6075, A665D-S6076, A665D-S6082, A665D-S6083, A665D-S6084, A665D-S6091, A665D-S6096, A665-S5170, A665-S5171, A665-S5173, A665-S5176, A665-S5176X, A665-S5177X, A665-S5179, A665-S5180, A665-S5181, A665-S5182X, A665-S5183X, A665-S5184X, A665-S5185, A665-S5186, A665-S5187X, A665-S5199X, A665-S6050, A665-S6054, A665-S6055, A665-S6056, A665-S6057, A665-S6058, A665-S6065, A665-S6067, A665-S6070, A665-S6079, A665-S6080, A665-S6081, A665-S6085, A665-S6086, A665-S6087, A665-S6088, A665-S6089, A665-S6090, A665-S6092, A665-S6093, A665-S6094, A665-S6095, A665-S6097, A665-S6098, A665-S6100X, C465D-S4024, C645D, C650, C650-10W, C650-110, C650-124, C650-13G, C650-149, C650-14U, C650-152, C650-154, C650-15C, C650-15U, C650-15V, C650-15W, C650-15X, C650-15Z, C650-160, C650-166, C650-17Z, C650-182, C650-191, C650-194, C650-19J, C650-19T, C650-1CN, C650-1CP, C650-1CQ, C650-1CR, C650-1CT, C650-BT2N11, C650-BT2N13, C650-BT2N15, C650-BT4N12, C650-BT4N13, C650D, C650D-10K, C650D-112, C650D-114, C650D-115, C650D-11E, C650D-11R, C650D-126, C650D-12C, C650D-12J, C650D-BT2N11, C650D-BT2N13, C650D-BT2N15, C650D-BT4N11, C650D-ST2N01, C650D-ST2N02, C650D-ST2N03, C650D-ST2NX1, C650D-ST2NX2, C650D-ST3NX1, C650D-ST3NX2, C650D-ST4N01, C650D-ST4NX1, C650-ST2N01, C650-ST2NX1, C650-ST2NX2, C650-ST3NX1, C650-ST4N02, C655, C655D, C655D-S5041, C655D-S5042, C655D-S5043, C655D-S5044, C655D-S5045, C655D-S5046, C655D-S5048, C655D-S5051, C655D-S5057, C655D-S5063, C655D-S5064, C655D-S5080, C655D-S5081, C655D-S5084, C655D-S5085, C655D-S50851, C655D-S50852, C655D-S50853, C655D-S50854, C655D-S5086, C655D-S5087, C655D-S5088, C655D-S5089, C655D-S5091, C655D-S5120, C655D-S5124, C655D-S5126, C655D-S5130, C655D-S5133, C655D-S5134, C655D-S5135, C655D-S5136, C655D-S5138, C655D-S5139, C655D-S5143, C655D-S5192, C655D-S5200, C655D-S5202, C655D-S5210, C655D-S5226, C655D-S5228, C655D-S5230, C655D-S5232, C655D-S5233, C655D-S5234, C655D-S5236, C655D-S5330, C655D-S5540, C655D-S9511D, C655-S5047, C655-S5049, C655-S5052, C655-S5053, C655-S5054, C655-S5056, C655-S5060, C655-S5061, C655-S5068, C655-S5082, C655-S5090, C655-S5092, C655-S5113, C655-S51131, C655-S5118, C655-S5119, C655-S5121, C655-S5123, C655-S5125, C655-S5127, C655-S5128, C655-S5129, C655-S5132, C655-S5137, C655-S5140, C655-S5141, C655-S5142, C655-S5195, C655-S5208, C655-S5211, C655-S5212, C655-S5225, C655-S5229, C655-S5235, C655-S5240, C655-S5501, C655-S5512, C655-S5514, C655-S5542, C655-S9510D, C655-S9520D, C655-S9521D, C655-S9530, C655-S9531D, C655-S9532D, C655-S9533D, C660, C660-106, C660-108, C660-10D, C660-10H, C660-10T, C660-115, C660-116, C660-117, C660-118, C660-119, C660-11H, C660-11K, C660-11X, C660-120, C660-125, C660-13R, C660-14X, C660-155, C660-15R, C660-15T, C660-15Z, C660-172, C660-173, C660-174, C660-17E, C660-17J, C660-17W, C660-184, C660-187, C660-18C, C660-195, C660-19G, C660-1D7, C660-1E2, C660-1F1, C660-1G2, C660-1G3, C660-1J2, C660-1J6, C660-1JG, C660-1JH, C660-1JJ, C660-1K9, C660-1KT, C660-1LD, C660-1N6, C660-1NJ, C660-1NP, C660-1U4, C660-1UL, C660-22V, C660-26Z, C660D, C660D-101, C660D-102, C660D-103, C660D-10D, C660D-10F, C660D-10W, C660D-124, C660D-14W, C660D-14X, C660D-150, C660D-151, C660D-152, C660D-153, C660D-154, C660D-155, C660D-15H, C660D-15X, C660D-15Z, C660D-16Q, C660D-181, C665D-S5508, C665-S5542, C670, 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PSAW0U-01100G, PSAW0U-02N033, PSAW0U-0FU033, PSAW3U-04301C, PSAW3U-0DE039, PSAW6U-002023, PSAW9U-01C002, PSAY1U-011006, PSBY1U-00D006, PSC08U-02D01D, PSC08U-02D037, PSC08U-03T01D, PSC08U-061037, PSC0YU-007008, PSC0YU-00M008, PSC0YU-03202D, PSC12U-03201W, PSC12U-04001W, PSC16U-032034, PSC2EU-00R00F, PSK0GU-01200D, PSK0GU-01R022, PSK0GU-0CT022, PSK0QU-00Q004, PSK0QU-00Y004, PSK0QU-01200D, PSK0YU-01V00E, PSK1WU-02N01D, PSK1WU-06601D, PSK2CU-01Q01S, PSK2CU-0HP01S, PSK2CU-0K101S, PSK2LU-02700C, PSK2LU-02800C, PSK2LU-02900C, PSK3JU-03502Q, PSK60U-006001, PSMPBU-00R01R, PSMPBU-08601R, PSMPMU-00P009.

TOSHIBA SATELLITE PRO C650, C650-11Z, C650-121, C650-125, C650-139, C650-13D, C650-17G, C650-18D, C650-18E, C650-18U, C650-196, C650-197, C650-198, C650-1KL, C650D, C650D-10W, C650D-10X, C650D-10Z, C650D-111, C650D-127, C650-EZ1511, C650-EZ1513, C650-EZ1515D, C650-EZ1521, C650-EZ1523, C650-EZ1524, C650-EZ1533, C650-EZ1534, C650-EZ1540, C650-EZ1550, C650-EZ1560, C650-EZ1561, C650-Z2510T, C660, C660-102, C660-111, C660-12F, C660-150, C660-167, C660-16M, C660-16N, C660-16R, C660-16T, C660-16V, C660-16W, C660-16X, C660-171, C660-1LM, C660-1LP, C660-1LR, C660-1LT, C660-1NQ, C660-1NR, C660-1RZ, C660-1T0, C660-1T1, C660-1UX, C660-1UZ, C660-1V0, C660D, C660D-10C, C660D-185, C660D-187, L630, L630-124, L630-12E, L630-134, L630-135, L630-14J, L630-14K, L630-14L, L630-15W, L630-166, L630-167, L630-EZ1310, L630-EZ1311, L640, L640-EZ1410, L640-EZ1411, L640-EZ1412, L650, L650-165, L650-166, L650-167, L650-1CG, L650-1CH, L650-1CJ, L650-1QH, L670, L670-103, L670-11D, L670-14L, L670-14M, L670-14P, L670-189, L670-18D, L670-18E, L670-18F, L670-EZ1710, L670-EZ1711, L670-EZ1712, L670-EZ1715D.

Warranty Information

12 months


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  • 5
    super fast service

    Posted by Andy on 31st Aug 2018

    Battery seems to work fine.

  • 5
    Very Good Excellent Service

    Posted by CHARAN SINGH KUNDI on 22nd Jun 2018

    Good Service and Battery arrived as promised.

  • 5
    Excellent service

    Posted by Chris Wackett on 20th Jun 2018

    Very good price. Arrived next day as promised and does the job perfectly.

  • 5
    Great service

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Nov 2017

    Good price, arrived promptly, works fine. Thanks for the mobile phone charger too.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Jul 2017

    I ordered the product with the help of the staff. They were professional and efficient, and the delivery fast. Nice to get a free powerbank with the laptop battery