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Laptop Battery for Toshiba Satellite, Satellite Pro SeriesLaptops (6-cell 4400mAh 10.8v ) [TOS-1310] NOW WITH FREE POWERBANK

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Product Description

High Quality Replacement Laptop Battery for:


All our batteries are manufactured to the highest quality standards using the highest quality Li-Ion or Li-Poly cells, and are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Order today before 4pm from our warehouse in Surrey, and we will deliver to your UK address tomorrow*

*assuming item is in stock - call 01252 854411 with any questions.


6-cell 4400mAh 10.8v 47.5WH Lithium Ion (Li-Ion).

Compatible Laptop/Netbook/Notebook Model(s):

TOSHIBA PSAW9U-001001, PSC08U-06P038, PSK2LU-001003, PSK3JU-00N00R, PSMPBU-00K005, PSMPBU-0CE03F, PSMQ1U-005001.

TOSHIBA SATELLITE A660, A660-11M, A660-148, A660-149, A660-14C, A660-155, A660-15T, A660-17E, A660-17T, A660-18N, A660-1DW, A660-1DZ, A660-1F4, A660-1FH, A660-1FM, A660-1H6, A660-1H7, A660-BT2G22, A660-BT2G23, A660-BT2G25, A660-BT2N22, A660-BT2N23, A660-BT2N25, A660-BT3G25X, A660-BT3N25X, A660D, A660D-BT2N22, A660D-BT2N23, A660D-ST2G01, A660D-ST2G02, A660D-ST2NX2, A660-ST2GX1, A660-ST2N01, A660-ST2N02, A660-ST2N03, A660-ST2NX2, A660-ST3N01X, A660-ST3NX1, A660-ST3NX2X, A665, A665-11Z, A665-14Q, A665-14R, A665-3DV, A665-3DV1, A665-3DV10X, A665-3DV11X, A665-3DV12X, A665-3DV5, A665-3DV6, A665-3DV7, A665D, A665D-S5172, A665D-S5174, A665D-S5175, A665D-S5178, A665D-S6051, A665D-S6059, A665D-S6075, A665D-S6076, A665D-S6082, A665D-S6083, A665D-S6084, A665D-S6091, A665D-S6096, A665-S5170, A665-S5171, A665-S5173, A665-S5176, A665-S5176X, A665-S5177X, A665-S5179, A665-S5180, A665-S5181, A665-S5182X, A665-S5183X, A665-S5184X, A665-S5185, A665-S5186, A665-S5187X, A665-S5199X, A665-S6050, A665-S6054, A665-S6055, A665-S6056, A665-S6057, A665-S6058, A665-S6065, A665-S6067, A665-S6070, A665-S6079, A665-S6080, A665-S6081, A665-S6085, A665-S6086, A665-S6087, A665-S6088, A665-S6089, A665-S6090, A665-S6092, A665-S6093, A665-S6094, A665-S6095, A665-S6097, A665-S6098, A665-S6100X, C465D-S4024, C645D, C650, C650-10W, C650-110, C650-124, C650-13G, C650-149, C650-14U, C650-152, C650-154, C650-15C, C650-15U, C650-15V, C650-15W, C650-15X, C650-15Z, C650-160, C650-166, C650-17Z, C650-182, C650-191, C650-194, C650-19J, C650-19T, C650-1CN, C650-1CP, C650-1CQ, C650-1CR, C650-1CT, C650-BT2N11, C650-BT2N13, C650-BT2N15, C650-BT4N12, C650-BT4N13, C650D, C650D-10K, C650D-112, C650D-114, C650D-115, C650D-11E, C650D-11R, C650D-126, C650D-12C, C650D-12J, C650D-BT2N11, C650D-BT2N13, C650D-BT2N15, C650D-BT4N11, C650D-ST2N01, C650D-ST2N02, C650D-ST2N03, C650D-ST2NX1, C650D-ST2NX2, C650D-ST3NX1, C650D-ST3NX2, C650D-ST4N01, C650D-ST4NX1, C650-ST2N01, C650-ST2NX1, C650-ST2NX2, C650-ST3NX1, C650-ST4N02, C655, C655D, C655D-S5041, C655D-S5042, C655D-S5043, C655D-S5044, C655D-S5045, C655D-S5046, C655D-S5048, C655D-S5051, C655D-S5057, C655D-S5063, C655D-S5064, C655D-S5080, C655D-S5081, C655D-S5084, C655D-S5085, C655D-S50851, C655D-S50852, C655D-S50853, C655D-S50854, C655D-S5086, C655D-S5087, C655D-S5088, C655D-S5089, C655D-S5091, C655D-S5120, C655D-S5124, C655D-S5126, C655D-S5130, C655D-S5133, C655D-S5134, C655D-S5135, C655D-S5136, C655D-S5138, C655D-S5139, C655D-S5143, C655D-S5192, C655D-S5200, C655D-S5202, C655D-S5210, C655D-S5226, C655D-S5228, C655D-S5230, C655D-S5232, C655D-S5233, C655D-S5234, C655D-S5236, C655D-S5330, C655D-S5540, C655D-S9511D, C655-S5047, C655-S5049, C655-S5052, C655-S5053, C655-S5054, C655-S5056, C655-S5060, C655-S5061, C655-S5068, C655-S5082, C655-S5090, C655-S5092, C655-S5113, C655-S51131, C655-S5118, C655-S5119, C655-S5121, C655-S5123, C655-S5125, C655-S5127, C655-S5128, C655-S5129, C655-S5132, C655-S5137, C655-S5140, C655-S5141, C655-S5142, C655-S5195, C655-S5208, C655-S5211, C655-S5212, C655-S5225, C655-S5229, C655-S5235, C655-S5240, C655-S5501, C655-S5512, C655-S5514, C655-S5542, C655-S9510D, C655-S9520D, C655-S9521D, C655-S9530, C655-S9531D, C655-S9532D, C655-S9533D, C660, C660-106, C660-108, C660-10D, C660-10H, C660-10T, C660-115, C660-116, C660-117, C660-118, C660-119, C660-11H, C660-11K, C660-11X, C660-120, C660-125, C660-13R, C660-14X, C660-155, C660-15R, C660-15T, C660-15Z, C660-172, C660-173, C660-174, C660-17E, C660-17J, C660-17W, C660-184, C660-187, C660-18C, C660-195, C660-19G, C660-1D7, C660-1E2, C660-1F1, C660-1G2, C660-1G3, C660-1J2, C660-1J6, C660-1JG, C660-1JH, C660-1JJ, C660-1K9, C660-1KT, C660-1LD, C660-1N6, C660-1NJ, C660-1NP, C660-1U4, C660-1UL, C660-22V, C660-26Z, C660D, C660D-101, C660D-102, C660D-103, C660D-10D, C660D-10F, C660D-10W, C660D-124, C660D-14W, C660D-14X, C660D-150, C660D-151, C660D-152, C660D-153, C660D-154, C660D-155, C660D-15H, C660D-15X, C660D-15Z, C660D-16Q, C660D-181, C665D-S5508, C665-S5542, C670, C670-10P, C670-113, C670D, C670D-108, C675, C675D, C675D-S7212, C675-S7103, C675-S7200, C675-S7308, C675-S7321, L630, L630-12U, L630-130, L630-13M, L630-14C, L630-16K, L630-16L, L630-BT2N13, L630-BT2N15, L630-BT2N22, L630-ST2G01, L630-ST2N01, L630-ST2N02, L630-ST2N03, L630-ST2N04, L635, L635-S3010, L635-S3010BN, L635-S3010RD, L635-S3010WH, L635-S3012, L635-S3012BN, L635-S3012RD, L635-S3015, L635-S3020, L635-S3020BN, L635-S3020RD, L635-S3020WH, L635-S3025, L635-S3030, L635-S3040, L635-S3040BN, L635-S3040RD, L635-S3040WH, L635-S3050, L635-S3050BN, L635-S3050RD, L635-S3050WH, L635-S3100, L635-S3100BN, L635-S3100RD, L635-S3100WH, L635-S3104, L635-S3104RD, L635-S3104WH, L635-S3106, L635-S9310D, L635-S9320, L635-S9321D, L635-S9322D, L635-S9330D, L640, L640-BT2N13, L640-BT2N15, L640-BT2N22, L640D, L640D-ST2N01, L640D-ST2N02, L640D-ST2N03, L640-ST2N01, L645, L645D, L645D-S4025, L645D-S4029, L645D-S4030, L645D-S4033, L645D-S4036, L645D-S4037, L645D-S4037BN, L645D-S4037RD, L645D-S4037WH, 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M645-S4112, M645-S4114, M645-S4115, M645-S4116, M645-S4116X, M645-S4118X, P740, P740-BT4G22, P740-BT4N22, P740-ST4N01, P745, P745D, P745D-S4240, P745-S4102, P745-S4160, P745-S4217, P745-S4250, P745-S4320, P745-S4360, P745-S4380, P750, P750-10F, P750-113, P750-114, P750-115, P750-BT4G22, P750-BT4N22, P750D, P750D-BT4N22, P750-ST4N01, P750-ST4N02, P755, P755-3DV20, P755D, P755D-S5172, P755D-S5266, P755D-S5378, P755D-S5384, P755D-S7144, P755D-S7370, P755-S5120, P755-S5174, P755-S5194, P755-S5196, P755-S5215, P755-S5259, P755-S5260, P755-S5261, P755-S5262, P755-S5263, P755-S5264, P755-S5265, P755-S5267, P755-S5268, P755-S5269, P755-S5270, P755-S5272, P755-S5274, P755-S5320, P755-S5375, P755-S5385, P755-S5395, P755-S5398, P770, P770-109, P770-BT4G22, P770-BT4N22, P770D, P770D-BT4N22, P770-ST4N01, P775, P775-10K, P775D, P775D-S144, P775D-S7144, P775D-S7230, P775D-S7360, P775-S7148, P775-S7160, P775-S7215, P775-S7232, P775-S7234, P775-S7236, P775-S7320, P775-S7365, P775-S7368, P775-S7370, PSAW0U-01100G, PSAW0U-02N033, PSAW0U-0FU033, PSAW3U-04301C, PSAW3U-0DE039, PSAW6U-002023, PSAW9U-01C002, PSAY1U-011006, PSBY1U-00D006, PSC08U-02D01D, PSC08U-02D037, PSC08U-03T01D, PSC08U-061037, PSC0YU-007008, PSC0YU-00M008, PSC0YU-03202D, PSC12U-03201W, PSC12U-04001W, PSC16U-032034, PSC2EU-00R00F, PSK0GU-01200D, PSK0GU-01R022, PSK0GU-0CT022, PSK0QU-00Q004, PSK0QU-00Y004, PSK0QU-01200D, PSK0YU-01V00E, PSK1WU-02N01D, PSK1WU-06601D, PSK2CU-01Q01S, PSK2CU-0HP01S, PSK2CU-0K101S, PSK2LU-02700C, PSK2LU-02800C, PSK2LU-02900C, PSK3JU-03502Q, PSK60U-006001, PSMPBU-00R01R, PSMPBU-08601R, PSMPMU-00P009.

TOSHIBA SATELLITE PRO C650, C650-11Z, C650-121, C650-125, C650-139, C650-13D, C650-17G, C650-18D, C650-18E, C650-18U, C650-196, C650-197, C650-198, C650-1KL, C650D, C650D-10W, C650D-10X, C650D-10Z, C650D-111, C650D-127, C650-EZ1511, C650-EZ1513, C650-EZ1515D, C650-EZ1521, C650-EZ1523, C650-EZ1524, C650-EZ1533, C650-EZ1534, C650-EZ1540, C650-EZ1550, C650-EZ1560, C650-EZ1561, C650-Z2510T, C660, C660-102, C660-111, C660-12F, C660-150, C660-167, C660-16M, C660-16N, C660-16R, C660-16T, C660-16V, C660-16W, C660-16X, C660-171, C660-1LM, C660-1LP, C660-1LR, C660-1LT, C660-1NQ, C660-1NR, C660-1RZ, C660-1T0, C660-1T1, C660-1UX, C660-1UZ, C660-1V0, C660D, C660D-10C, C660D-185, C660D-187, L630, L630-124, L630-12E, L630-134, L630-135, L630-14J, L630-14K, L630-14L, L630-15W, L630-166, L630-167, L630-EZ1310, L630-EZ1311, L640, L640-EZ1410, L640-EZ1411, L640-EZ1412, L650, L650-165, L650-166, L650-167, L650-1CG, L650-1CH, L650-1CJ, L650-1QH, L670, L670-103, L670-11D, L670-14L, L670-14M, L670-14P, L670-189, L670-18D, L670-18E, L670-18F, L670-EZ1710, L670-EZ1711, L670-EZ1712, L670-EZ1715D.

Warranty Information

12 months

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Product Reviews

  1. Great service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Nov 2017

    Good price, arrived promptly, works fine. Thanks for the mobile phone charger too.

  2. excellent 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jul 2017

    I ordered the product with the help of the staff. They were professional and efficient, and the delivery fast. Nice to get a free powerbank with the laptop battery

  3. Great product - Great service 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Mar 2017

    I ordered a spare battery for my Toshiba which arrived very quickly, plenty of e-mailes about when to expect delivery and a small time window for when it was due to arrive which suited me well, as it was to come to my office. Product is working well and has replaced my old battery which had stopped holding its charge. Hopefully my new battery will prove more reliable.

  4. battery 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Mar 2015

    very fast service good contact with firm excellent battery would recomend