If you are unsure which product you need - Don't Panic! We are here to help 

Simply use this easy to use form to submit details of your laptop, original battery or AC adapter


Provide the full model name of your device - this is usually found printed on the device body or on the label on the back


The best way of ensuring you are buying "like for like" is to remove the original battery (or AC Adapter) from the laptop (ensure to save your work and power off first!) and read the original part number

See below to find where to find this information on your battery or AC Adapter


pa3727u-1brshighlightall.jpg             c850adapterhighlightsmaller.jpg

Or on your Projector lamp       panasonic-pt-f300ulabel50.jpg

Look for anything that mentions Model Number or Part number.

Send us as much information as you like - we will work it out!  happyfacesmaller.png

Simply send us the details, and we will be right back to tell you if we have the required part available and send you the correct link to order it.

You can also search the website yourself by entering the model number or part number directly into our search engine as shown below

But remember, if you are still not sure, simply send us the details and we will find the right part for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


The laptopbattery UK team