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Laptop Battery for LENOVO - IBM LenoVo Thinkpad T410 20 30 T510 20 30 W510 20 30 L410 12 20 21 30 L510 12 20 30 (9 - cell 10.8V 7800mAh) [LEN - 1295]

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Product Description

High Quality Replacement Laptop Battery for:

LENOVO THINKPAD T410/20/30, T510/20/30, W510/20/30 - 9 CELL

All our batteries are manufactured to the highest quality standards using the highest quality Li-Ion or Li-Poly cell, s, and are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Order today before 4pm from our warehouse in Surrey, and we will deliver to your UK address tomorrow.

*assuming item is in stock - call 01252 854411 with any questions.


9-cell 7800mAh 10.8V Lilon .

Compatible Laptop/Netbook/Notebook Model(s):

THINKPAD 0578-26U, THINKPAD 2842-7PU, THINKPAD SL410, THINKPAD SL410-2842, THINKPAD E520, THINKPAD E525, THINKPAD EDGE 14, THINKPAD EDGE 14 0199, THINKPAD EDGE 14 0578, THINKPAD EDGE 14 0579, THINKPAD EDGE 14 0579-22U, THINKPAD EDGE 140579-53U, THINKPAD EDGE 140579-54U, THINKPAD EDGE 140579-66U, THINKPAD EDGE 140579-6AU, THINKPAD EDGE 15, THINKPAD EDGE 15 0301, THINKPAD EDGE 15 0302, THINKPAD EDGE 15 0319, THINKPAD EDGE 15 0319-22U, THINKPAD EDGE 15 0319-23U, THINKPAD EDGE 15 0319-24U, THINKPAD EDGE 15 0319-25U, THINKPAD EDGE 15 0319-26U, THINKPAD EDGE 15 0319-3NU, THINKPAD EDGE 15 0319-3PU, THINKPAD EDGE 15 0319-3QU, THINKPAD EDGE 15 0319-3RU, THINKPAD EDGE 15 0319-3SU, THINKPAD EDGE 15 0319-42U, THINKPAD EDGE 15 0319-46U, THINKPAD EDGE 40, THINKPAD EDGE 40 0199, THINKPAD EDGE 40 0578, THINKPAD EDGE 50, THINKPAD EDGE 50 0301, THINKPAD EDGE 50 0302, THINKPAD EDGE E420 1141-55U, THINKPAD EDGE E420 1141-56U, THINKPAD EDGE E420 1141-57U, THINKPAD EDGE E420 1141-58U, THINKPAD EDGE E420 1141-9BU, THINKPAD EDGE E420 1141-BTU, THINKPAD EDGE E420 1141-BUU, THINKPAD EDGE E420 1141-D9U, THINKPAD EDGE E420 1141-GCU, THINKPAD EDGE E425 1198-3EU, THINKPAD EDGE E425 1198-3FU, THINKPAD EDGE E520 1143-3BU, THINKPAD EDGE E520 1143-3CU, THINKPAD EDGE E520 1143-3DU, THINKPAD EDGE E520 1143-3EU, THINKPAD EDGE E520 1143-3FU, THINKPAD EDGE E520 1143-3GU, THINKPAD EDGE E520 1143-7RU, THINKPAD EDGE E520 1143-ADU, THINKPAD EDGE E520 1143-AEU, THINKPAD EDGE E520 1143-AFU, THINKPAD EDGE E520 1143-BNU, THINKPAD EDGE E520 1143-D7U, THINKPAD EDGE E520 1143-D8U, THINKPAD EDGE E520 1143-EHU, THINKPAD EDGE E520 1143-GWU, THINKPAD EDGE E520 1143-KEU, THINKPAD EDGE E520 1143-KFU, THINKPAD EDGE E520 1143-KGU, THINKPAD EDGE E525 1200-2LU, THINKPAD EDGE E525 1200-2MU, THINKPAD EDGE E525 1200-38U, THINKPAD EDGE E525 1200-39U, THINKPAD EDGE E525 1200-3JU, THINKPAD L420 782732U, THINKPAD L420 782733U, THINKPAD L420 782734U, THINKPAD L420 782742U, THINKPAD L420 782743U, THINKPAD L420 782744U, THINKPAD L420 782745U, THINKPAD L420 782746U, THINKPAD L420 782747U, THINKPAD L420 782748U, THINKPAD L420 78275DU, THINKPAD L420 78275EU, THINKPAD L420 78275FU, THINKPAD L420 78275GU, THINKPAD L420 78275HU, THINKPAD L420 78275WU, THINKPAD L420 782932U, THINKPAD L420 782933U, THINKPAD L420 782934U, THINKPAD L420 782942U, THINKPAD L420 782943U, THINKPAD L420 782944U, THINKPAD L420 782945U, THINKPAD L420 782946U, THINKPAD L420 782947U, THINKPAD L420 782948U, THINKPAD L420 78294QU, THINKPAD L420 78294RU, THINKPAD L420 78294SU, THINKPAD L420 78294TU, THINKPAD L420 78294UU, THINKPAD L420 785434U, THINKPAD L420 785437U, THINKPAD L420 785438U, THINKPAD L420 78545FU, THINKPAD L420 78545GU, THINKPAD L420 785634U, THINKPAD L420 785637U, THINKPAD L420 785638U, THINKPAD L430 246527U, THINKPAD L430 246528U, THINKPAD L430 246529U, THINKPAD L430 24652AU, THINKPAD L430 24652BU, THINKPAD L430 24652CU, THINKPAD L430 24652DU, THINKPAD L430 24652EU, THINKPAD L430 24652FU, THINKPAD L430 24652GU, THINKPAD L430 24652HU, THINKPAD L430 24652JU, THINKPAD L430 24652KU, THINKPAD L430 246532U, THINKPAD L430 246533U, THINKPAD L430 246632U, THINKPAD L430 246633U, THINKPAD L430 246639U, THINKPAD L430 24663AU, THINKPAD L430 24663BU, THINKPAD L430 24663CU, THINKPAD L430 24663DU, THINKPAD L430 24663EU, THINKPAD L430 24663FU, THINKPAD L430 24663GU, THINKPAD L430 24663HU, THINKPAD L430 24663JU, THINKPAD L430 24663KU, THINKPAD L430 24682AU, THINKPAD L430 24683AU, THINKPAD L430 246924U, THINKPAD L530 247824U, THINKPAD L530 247825U, THINKPAD L530 247826U, THINKPAD L530 247827U, THINKPAD L530 247828U, THINKPAD L530 247829U, THINKPAD L530 24782AU, THINKPAD L530 24782BU, THINKPAD L530 24782CU, THINKPAD L530 24782DU, THINKPAD L530 24782FU, THINKPAD L530 24782GU, THINKPAD L530 24782HU, THINKPAD L530 24782XU, THINKPAD L530 24782YU, THINKPAD L530 247832U, THINKPAD L530 247833U, THINKPAD L530 247932U, THINKPAD L530 247933U, THINKPAD L530 247939U, THINKPAD L530 24793AU, THINKPAD L530 24793BU, THINKPAD L530 24793CU, THINKPAD L530 24793DU, THINKPAD L530 24793EU, THINKPAD L530 24793GU, THINKPAD L530 24793MU, THINKPAD L530 24793PU, THINKPAD L530 247944U, THINKPAD L530 247945U, THINKPAD L530 247953U, THINKPAD L530 248126U, THINKPAD L530 248134U, THINKPAD L530 248522U, THINKPAD L530 248523U, THINKPAD L530 248524U, THINKPAD L530 248525U, THINKPAD L530 248526U, THINKPAD SL410 2842, THINKPAD SL410 2874, THINKPAD SL410 2931, THINKPAD SL510, THINKPAD SL510 2847, THINKPAD SL510 2875, THINKPAD SL510 5072, THINKPAD T420 4177Q2U, THINKPAD T420 4177Q5U, THINKPAD T420 4177Q8U, THINKPAD T420 4236NVU, THINKPAD T420 4236PAU, THINKPAD T420 4236PRU, THINKPAD T420 4236QFU, THINKPAD T420I 4177QGU, THINKPAD T420I 4177R2U, THINKPAD T510 4349CJ3, THINKPAD T510 4384HP3, THINKPAD T510 4384ZKS, THINKPAD T520 423923U, THINKPAD T520 423924U, THINKPAD T520 423926U, THINKPAD T520 423946U, THINKPAD T520 42394CU, THINKPAD L430 246925U, THINKPAD L430 246926U, THINKPAD L430 246927U, THINKPAD L430 246928U, THINKPAD L520 501632U, THINKPAD L520 501633U, THINKPAD L520 501642U, THINKPAD L520 501643U, THINKPAD L520 501644U, THINKPAD L520 501645U, THINKPAD L520 501646U, THINKPAD L520 501647U, THINKPAD L520 501648U, THINKPAD L520 501649U, THINKPAD L520 50165ZU, THINKPAD L520 501732U, THINKPAD L520 501733U, THINKPAD L520 501742U, THINKPAD L520 501743U, THINKPAD L520 501744U, THINKPAD L520 501745U, THINKPAD L520 501746U, THINKPAD L520 501747U, THINKPAD L520 501748U, THINKPAD L520 501749U, THINKPAD L520 785935U, THINKPAD L520 785936U, THINKPAD L520 785938U, THINKPAD L520 785968U, THINKPAD L520 785969U, THINKPAD L520 7860, THINKPAD L520 786035U, THINKPAD L520 786036U, THINKPAD L520 786038U, THINKPAD L530 247823U, THINKPAD T420 4177QJU, THINKPAD T420 4177QKU, THINKPAD T420 4177QLU, THINKPAD T420 4177R3U, THINKPAD T420 4177RVU, THINKPAD T420 417856U, THINKPAD T420 417857U, THINKPAD T420 417858U, THINKPAD T420 417859U, THINKPAD T420 41786UU, THINKPAD T420 41786VU, THINKPAD T420 41786WU, THINKPAD T420 41789RU, THINKPAD T420 4178ACU, THINKPAD T420 4178AFU, THINKPAD T420 4178APU, THINKPAD T420 4178ATU, THINKPAD T420 4178AWU, THINKPAD T420 4178B7U, THINKPAD T420 4178C9U, THINKPAD T420 4178CAU, THINKPAD T420 4178CUU, THINKPAD T420 418062U, THINKPAD T420 418063U, THINKPAD T420 418064U, THINKPAD T420 418065U, THINKPAD T420 4180KHU, THINKPAD T420 4180MBU, THINKPAD T420 4180MMU, THINKPAD T420 4180MNU, THINKPAD T420 4180N2U, THINKPAD T420 4180NCU, THINKPAD T420 4180NDU, THINKPAD T420 4180NEU, THINKPAD T420 4180PAU, THINKPAD T420 4180PFU, THINKPAD T420 4180PRU, THINKPAD T420 4180Q3U, THINKPAD T420 4180QAU, THINKPAD T420 4180QCU, THINKPAD T420 4180QFU, THINKPAD T420 423662U, THINKPAD T420 423663U, THINKPAD T420 423664U, THINKPAD T420 423665U, THINKPAD T420 4236MBU, THINKPAD T520 42394DU, THINKPAD T520 42394EU, THINKPAD T520 42394MU, THINKPAD T520 42395CU, THINKPAD T520 42395GU, THINKPAD T520 42402FU, THINKPAD T520 42402GU, THINKPAD T520 42402HU, THINKPAD T520 424048U, THINKPAD T520 424049U, THINKPAD T520 42404AU, THINKPAD T520 42404EU, THINKPAD T520 42404RU, THINKPAD T520 424053U, THINKPAD T520 424057U, THINKPAD T520 424066U, THINKPAD T520 42406MU, THINKPAD T520 42406NU, THINKPAD T520 424126U, THINKPAD T520 424227U, THINKPAD T520 424228U, THINKPAD T520 424229U, THINKPAD T520 424239U, THINKPAD T520 42424UU, THINKPAD T520 42424VU, THINKPAD T520 42424WU, THINKPAD T520 424258U, THINKPAD T520 424259U, THINKPAD T520 42425UU, THINKPAD T520 42425YU, THINKPAD T520 42425ZU, THINKPAD T520 424262U, THINKPAD T520 424327U, THINKPAD T520 424328U, THINKPAD T520 424329U, THINKPAD T520 42434UU, THINKPAD T520 42434VU, THINKPAD T520 42434WU, THINKPAD T520 42435UU, THINKPAD T520 42435ZU, THINKPAD T520I 423947U, THINKPAD T520I 42394LU, THINKPAD W520 42763JU, THINKPAD W520 42763KU, THINKPAD W520 42763LU, THINKPAD W520 42763MU, THINKPAD W520 42763NU, THINKPAD W520 428223U, THINKPAD W520 428224U, THINKPAD W520 428225U, THINKPAD W520 428226U, THINKPAD W520 42823RU, THINKPAD W520 42823SU, THINKPAD W520 428245U, THINKPAD W520 42824BU, THINKPAD W520 42824CU, THINKPAD W520 42824EU, THINKPAD W520 42824GU, THINKPAD W520 42824UU, THINKPAD W520 42824YU, THINKPAD W520 42824ZU, THINKPAD W520 42825BU, THINKPAD W520 42825CU, THINKPAD W520 428423U, THINKPAD W520 428424U, THINKPAD W520 428425U, THINKPAD W520 428426U, THINKPAD W520 42844BU, THINKPAD W520 42844CU, THINKPAD W520 42844EU, THINKPAD W520 42844YU, THINKPAD W520 42844ZU, THINKPAD W520 42845CU, THINKPAD W520 42845DU, THINKPAD 057826U, 45N1011, 45N1010, 70++, BATTERY 70++, THINKPAD T420 4236NHU, THINKPAD T420 4236NUU, 70 PLUS PLUS, 0A36303, 45N1013, 42T4739, 42T4799, 42T4801, 42T4803, 42T4912, 42T4710, 42T4712, 42T4714, 45N1007, THINKPAD T410, THINKPAD T410 2516, THINKPAD T410 2518, THINKPAD T410 2519, THINKPAD T410 2522, THINKPAD T410 2537, THINKPAD T410 2538, THINKPAD T410 2539, THINKPAD T410I, THINKPAD T410I 2516, THINKPAD T410I 2518, THINKPAD T410I 2537, THINKPAD T420, THINKPAD T420 4177, THINKPAD T420 4178, THINKPAD T420 4179, THINKPAD T420 4180, THINKPAD T420 4236, THINKPAD T420 4237, THINKPAD T420 4238, THINKPAD T420I, THINKPAD T420I 4177, THINKPAD T420I 4178, THINKPAD T420I 4179, THINKPAD T420I 4180, THINKPAD T420I 4236, THINKPAD T430, THINKPAD T430 2342, THINKPAD T430 2344, THINKPAD T430 2345, THINKPAD T430 2347, THINKPAD T430 2349, THINKPAD T430 2350, THINKPAD T430 2351, THINKPAD T430I, THINKPAD T430I 2342, THINKPAD T430I 2344, THINKPAD T430I 2347, THINKPAD T430I 2349, THINKPAD T510, THINKPAD T510 4313, THINKPAD T510 4314, THINKPAD T510 4339, THINKPAD T510 4349, THINKPAD T510 4384, THINKPAD T510 4484, THINKPAD T510 4873, THINKPAD T510 5584, THINKPAD T510 8787, THINKPAD T510I, THINKPAD T510I 4313, THINKPAD T510I 4314, THINKPAD T510I 4339, THINKPAD W510, THINKPAD W510 4318, THINKPAD W510 4319, THINKPAD W510 4387, THINKPAD W510 4389, THINKPAD W510 4391, THINKPAD W510 4875, THINKPAD W510 4876, THINKPAD T520, THINKPAD T520 4239, THINKPAD T520 4240, THINKPAD T520 4241, THINKPAD T520 4242, THINKPAD T520 4243, THINKPAD T520 4244, THINKPAD T520 4246, THINKPAD T520I, THINKPAD T520I 4239, THINKPAD T520I 4240, THINKPAD T520I 4241, THINKPAD T520I 4242, THINKPAD W520, THINKPAD W520 4249, THINKPAD W520 4260, THINKPAD W520 4270, THINKPAD W520 4276, THINKPAD W520 4281, THINKPAD W520 4282, THINKPAD W520 4284, THINKPAD T530, THINKPAD T530 2359, THINKPAD T530 2392, THINKPAD T530 2393, THINKPAD T530 2394, THINKPAD T530 2429, THINKPAD T530 2430, THINKPAD T530 2434, THINKPAD T530I, THINKPAD T530I 2359, THINKPAD T530I 2392, THINKPAD T530I 2429, THINKPAD W530, THINKPAD T530I 2436, THINKPAD T530I 2438, THINKPAD T530I 2439, THINKPAD T530I 2441, THINKPAD T530I 2447, THINKPAD T530I 2449, THINKPAD T530I 2463, THINKPAD L410, THINKPAD L410 0616, THINKPAD L410 2931, THINKPAD L412, THINKPAD L412 0530, THINKPAD L412 0553, THINKPAD L412 0585, THINKPAD L412 0591, THINKPAD L412 4403, THINKPAD L412 4404, THINKPAD L420, THINKPAD L420 7826, THINKPAD L420 7827, THINKPAD L420 7829, THINKPAD L420 7854, THINKPAD L420 7856, THINKPAD L421, THINKPAD L421 7826, THINKPAD L421 7827, THINKPAD L421 7829, THINKPAD L421 7854, THINKPAD L421 7856, THINKPAD L430, THINKPAD L430 2464, THINKPAD L430 2465, THINKPAD L430 2466, THINKPAD L430 2468, THINKPAD L430 2469, THINKPAD L510, THINKPAD L510 2873, THINKPAD L512, THINKPAD L512 2550, THINKPAD L512 2597, THINKPAD L512 2598, THINKPAD L512 2599, THINKPAD L512 4444, THINKPAD L512 4447, THINKPAD L520, THINKPAD L520 5015, THINKPAD L520 5016, THINKPAD L520 5017, THINKPAD L520 7859, THINKPAD L520 5860, THINKPAD L530, THINKPAD L530 2475, THINKPAD L530 2478, THINKPAD L530 2479, THINKPAD L530 2481, THINKPAD L530 2485.


OEM Model(s):

  • 51J0500

Warranty Information

12 months

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