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Laptop Battery for GATEWAY NV50A NV51B NV53 NV53A NV55C NV73A NV79 NV79C, Various Acer Aspire & TraVelmate Model (s) (9 - cell 11.1V 7800mAh) [GTW - 1282]

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Product Description

High Quality Replacement Laptop Battery for:

  • Battery for NV50A,NV51B,NV53,NV53A,NV55C,NV73A,NV79,NV79c Various Acer Aspire & Travelmate models.

All our batteries are manufactured to the highest quality standards using the highest quality Li-Ion or Li-Poly cell, s, and are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Order today before 4pm from our warehouse in Surrey, and we will deliver to your UK address tomorrow.

*assuming item is in stock - call 01252 854411 with any questions.


9-cell 7800mAh 11.1V Lilon .

Compatible Laptop/Netbook/Notebook Model(s):

TMP653-M-6675??, NX.V7EAA.011, TRAVELMATE NX.V56EC.002, TRAVELMATE NX.V56EC.004, TRAVELMATE NX.V5FEH.001, TRAVELMATE NX.V5FEH.007, TRAVELMATE NX.V5MEC.001, TRAVELMATE NX.V5MEC.002, TRAVELMATE NX.V5MEC.003, TRAVELMATE NX.V5MED.002, TRAVELMATE NX.V5MED.003, TRAVELMATE NX.V6PSA.001, TRAVELMATE NX.V7BAA.001, TRAVELMATE NX.V7BAA.003, TRAVELMATE NX.V7BAA.004, TRAVELMATE NX.V7BAA.008, TRAVELMATE NX.V7BEC.001, TRAVELMATE NX.V7BED.001, TRAVELMATE NX.V7BED.004, TRAVELMATE NX.V7BED.006, TRAVELMATE NX.V7BED.007, TRAVELMATE NX.V7BED.009, TRAVELMATE NX.V7BEK.005, TRAVELMATE NX.V7BEK.011, TRAVELMATE P243-M-32374G32MAKK, TRAVELMATE P243-M-32374G50MAKK, TRAVELMATE P243-M-53214G50MAKK, TRAVELMATE P243-M-6416, TRAVELMATE P243-M-6481, TRAVELMATE P243-M-6619, TRAVELMATE P243-M-6693, TRAVELMATE P243-M-B814G32MAKK, TRAVELMATE P243-M-B824G32MAKK, TRAVELMATE TM4750-2354G32MNSS, TRAVELMATE TM5744-384G32MNKK, TRAVELMATE TM5744-384G50MIKK, TRAVELMATE TM5744-384G50MNKK, TRAVELMATE TM5760-2354G32MNSK, TRAVELMATE TM5760-2354G32MTSK, TRAVELMATE TM5760-2454G32MNSK, TRAVELMATE TM5760-2454G50MNSK, TRAVELMATE TM5760-32354G32MNSK, TRAVELMATE TM5760-32354G50MTSK, TRAVELMATE TM5760-32374G50MNSK, TRAVELMATE TM5760-52454G50MNSK, TRAVELMATE TM7750-2314G50MNSS, TRAVELMATE TM7750-2354G32MNSS, TRAVELMATE TM7750-2354G50MTSS, TRAVELMATE TM7750-2454G50MNSS, TRAVELMATE TM7750G-2454G50MNSS, TRAVELMATE TM7750G-52454G50MNSS, TRAVELMATE TM7750G-52548G1.5TMTSS, TRAVELMATE TM7750G-72648G75MTSS, TRAVELMATE TMP243-M-32374G32MAKK, TRAVELMATE TMP243-M-32374G50MAKK, TRAVELMATE TMP243-M-53214G50MAKK, TRAVELMATE TMP243-M-6416, TRAVELMATE TMP243-M-6481, TRAVELMATE TMP243-M-6619, TRAVELMATE TMP243-M-6693, TRAVELMATE TMP243-M-B814G32MAKK, TRAVELMATE TMP243-M-B824G32MAKK, ASPIRE 4250, ASPIRE 4252, ASPIRE 4253, ASPIRE 4333, ASPIRE 4339, ASPIRE 4349, ASPIRE 4352, ASPIRE 4551, ASPIRE 4552, ASPIRE 4560, ASPIRE 4738, ASPIRE 4739, ASPIRE 4740, ASPIRE 4741, ASPIRE 4743, ASPIRE 4750, ASPIRE 4752, ASPIRE 5250, ASPIRE 5251, ASPIRE 5252, ASPIRE 5253, ASPIRE 5333, ASPIRE 5336, ASPIRE 5349, ASPIRE 5350, ASPIRE 5551, ASPIRE 5552, ASPIRE 5560, ASPIRE 5733, ASPIRE 5741, ASPIRE 5551-2036, ASPIRE 5551G, ASPIRE 5552-3036, ASPIRE 5552-3104, ASPIRE 5552-3452, ASPIRE 5552-3640, ASPIRE 5552-3691, ASPIRE 5552-3857, ASPIRE 5552-5898, ASPIRE 5552-6838, ASPIRE 5552-7803, ASPIRE 5552G, ASPIRE 5552-N974G50MNKK, ASPIRE 5560-4334G50MNKK, ASPIRE 5560-8480, ASPIRE 5560G, ASPIRE 5560-SB256, ASPIRE 5560-SB431, ASPIRE 5560-SB609, ASPIRE 5560-SB613, ASPIRE 5560-SB835, ASPIRE 5733-374G32MIKK, ASPIRE 5733-6424, ASPIRE 5733Z, ASPIRE 5733Z-4469, ASPIRE 5733Z-4851, ASPIRE 5736Z, ASPIRE 5736Z-4016, ASPIRE 5736Z-4418, ASPIRE 5736Z-4427, ASPIRE 5736Z-4460, ASPIRE 5736Z-4801, ASPIRE 5741G, ASPIRE 5741Z, ASPIRE 5742-374G32MNKK, ASPIRE 5742-374G64MNKK, ASPIRE 5742-6248, ASPIRE 5742-6410, ASPIRE 5742-6413, ASPIRE 5742-6475, ASPIRE 5742-6638, ASPIRE 5742-6674, ASPIRE 5742-6811, ASPIRE 5742-6814, ASPIRE 5742-6838, ASPIRE 5742-6860, ASPIRE 5742-7120, ASPIRE 5742-7620, ASPIRE 5742G, ASPIRE 5742G-6480, ASPIRE 5742G-6600, ASPIRE 5742G-6846, ASPIRE 5742G-7200, ASPIRE 5742Z, ASPIRE 5742Z-4097, ASPIRE 5742Z-4200, ASPIRE 5742Z-4404, ASPIRE 5742Z-4459, ASPIRE 5742Z-4512, ASPIRE 5742Z-4621, ASPIRE 5742Z-4630, ASPIRE 5742Z-4646, ASPIRE 5742Z-4685, ASPIRE 5742Z-4813, ASPIRE 5749Z, ASPIRE 5749Z-4809, ASPIRE 5749Z-B956G50MIKK, ASPIRE 5750-2434G50MIKK, ASPIRE 5750-6414, ASPIRE 5750-6634, ASPIRE 5750-6667, ASPIRE 5750-6842, ASPIRE 5750-6887, ASPIRE 5750-9851, ASPIRE 5750G, ASPIRE 5750G-2436G64MNKK, ASPIRE 5750G-6653, ASPIRE 5750Z, ASPIRE 5750Z-4835, ASPIRE 5750Z-B944G50MNKK, ASPIRE 5750Z-B964G32MNRR, ASPIRE 5750ZG, ASPIRE 5755-2674G50MIKS, ASPIRE 5755-6482, ASPIRE 5755-6647, ASPIRE 5755-6699, ASPIRE 5755-6828, ASPIRE 5755G-2674G64MIKS, ASPIRE 7441G, ASPIRE 5742, ASPIRE 5749, ASPIRE 5750, ASPIRE 5755, ASPIRE 7551, ASPIRE 7552, ASPIRE 7560, ASPIRE 7741, ASPIRE 7750, ASPIRE 4733Z, ASPIRE 4738Z, ASPIRE 4739Z, ASPIRE 4743Z, ASPIRE 4743Z-4861, ASPIRE 4750G, ASPIRE 4752G, ASPIRE 4752Z, ASPIRE 4755G, ASPIRE 5250-0639, ASPIRE 5250-BZ853, ASPIRE 5250-BZ873, ASPIRE 5250-E302G25MIKK, ASPIRE 5250-E454G32MIKK, ASPIRE 5252-V333, ASPIRE 5252-V476, ASPIRE 5252-V518, ASPIRE 5252-V602, ASPIRE 5252-V955, ASPIRE 5253-BZ480, ASPIRE 5253-BZ602, ASPIRE 5253-BZ656, ASPIRE 5253-BZ659, ASPIRE 5253-BZ660, ASPIRE 5253-BZ684, ASPIRE 5253-BZ686, ASPIRE 5253-BZ819, ASPIRE 5253-BZ849, ASPIRE 5253-BZ873, ASPIRE 5253-BZ893, ASPIRE 5336-2281, ASPIRE 5336-2283, ASPIRE 5336-2524, ASPIRE 5336-2613, ASPIRE 5336-2615, ASPIRE 5336-2634, ASPIRE 5336-2754, ASPIRE 5336-2864, ASPIRE 5349-2899, ASPIRE 5742-7645, ASPIRE 5742-7653, ASPIRE 5742-7765, ASPIRE 7551G-6477, ASPIRE 7552G, ASPIRE 7552G-5107, ASPIRE 7552G-5430, ASPIRE 7552G-5488, ASPIRE 7552G-6061, ASPIRE 7552G-6436, ASPIRE 7552G-6851, ASPIRE 7552G-7633, ASPIRE 7560G, ASPIRE 7560-SB416, ASPIRE 7741-6456, ASPIRE 7741-7870, ASPIRE 7551-3068, ASPIRE 7551-3416, ASPIRE 7551-3634, ASPIRE 7551-3749, ASPIRE 7551-5358, ASPIRE 7551-7471, ASPIRE 7551G, ASPIRE 7750G-6645, ASPIRE 7750G-6662, ASPIRE 7750G-6669, ASPIRE 7750G-6804, ASPIRE 7750G-6823, ASPIRE 7750G-6854, ASPIRE 7750G-6857, ASPIRE 7750G-6871, ASPIRE 7750G-9411, ASPIRE 7750G-9621, ASPIRE 7750G-9656, ASPIRE 7750G-9657, ASPIRE 7750G-9807, ASPIRE 7750G-9810, ASPIRE 7750G-9823, ASPIRE 7750G-9898, ASPIRE 7750Z, ASPIRE 7750Z-4405, ASPIRE 7750Z-4446, ASPIRE 7750Z-4457, ASPIRE 7750Z-4495, ASPIRE 7750Z-4623, ASPIRE 7750Z-4679, ASPIRE AS4250, ASPIRE AS4252, ASPIRE AS4253, ASPIRE AS4333, ASPIRE AS4339, ASPIRE AS4349, ASPIRE AS4352, ASPIRE AS4551, ASPIRE AS4552, ASPIRE AS4560, ASPIRE AS4733Z, ASPIRE AS4738, ASPIRE AS4738Z, ASPIRE AS4739, ASPIRE AS4739Z, ASPIRE AS4741, ASPIRE AS4743, ASPIRE AS4743-6628, ASPIRE AS4743Z, ASPIRE AS4743Z-4861, ASPIRE AS4750, ASPIRE AS4750G, ASPIRE AS4752, ASPIRE AS4752G, ASPIRE AS4752Z, ASPIRE AS4755G, ASPIRE AS5250, ASPIRE AS5250-0639, ASPIRE AS5250-BZ853, ASPIRE AS5250-BZ873, ASPIRE AS5250-E302G25MIKK, ASPIRE AS5250-E454G32MIKK, ASPIRE AS5251, ASPIRE AS5252, ASPIRE AS5252-V333, ASPIRE AS5252-V476, ASPIRE AS5252-V518, ASPIRE AS5252-V602, ASPIRE AS5252-V955, ASPIRE AS5253, ASPIRE AS5253-BZ480, ASPIRE AS5253-BZ602, ASPIRE AS5253-BZ656, ASPIRE AS5253-BZ659, ASPIRE AS5253-BZ660, ASPIRE AS5253-BZ684, ASPIRE AS5253-BZ686, ASPIRE AS5253-BZ819, ASPIRE AS5253-BZ849, ASPIRE AS5253-BZ873, ASPIRE AS5253-BZ893, ASPIRE AS5333, ASPIRE AS5336, ASPIRE AS5336-2281, ASPIRE AS5336-2283, ASPIRE AS5336-2524, ASPIRE AS5336-2613, ASPIRE AS5336-2615, ASPIRE AS5336-2634, ASPIRE AS5336-2754, ASPIRE AS5336-2864, ASPIRE AS5349, ASPIRE AS5349-2899, ASPIRE AS5350, ASPIRE AS5551, ASPIRE AS5551-2036, ASPIRE AS5551G, ASPIRE AS5552, ASPIRE AS5552-3036, ASPIRE AS5552-3104, ASPIRE AS5552-3452, ASPIRE AS5552-3640, ASPIRE AS5552-3691, ASPIRE AS5552-3857, ASPIRE AS5552-5898, ASPIRE AS5552-6838, ASPIRE AS5552-7803, ASPIRE AS5552G, ASPIRE AS5552-N974G50MNKK, ASPIRE AS5560, ASPIRE AS5560-4334G50MNKK, ASPIRE AS5560-8480, ASPIRE AS5560G, ASPIRE AS5560-SB256, ASPIRE AS5560-SB431, ASPIRE AS5560-SB609, ASPIRE AS5560-SB613, ASPIRE AS5560-SB835, ASPIRE AS5733, ASPIRE AS5733-374G32MIKK, ASPIRE AS5733-6424, ASPIRE AS5733Z, ASPIRE AS5733Z-4469, ASPIRE AS5733Z-4851, ASPIRE AS5736Z, ASPIRE AS5736Z-4016, ASPIRE AS5736Z-4418, ASPIRE AS5736Z-4427, ASPIRE AS5736Z-4460, ASPIRE AS5736Z-4801, ASPIRE AS5741, ASPIRE AS5741G, ASPIRE AS5741Z, ASPIRE AS5742, ASPIRE AS5742-374G32MNKK, ASPIRE AS5742-374G64MNKK, ASPIRE AS5742-6248, ASPIRE AS5742-6410, ASPIRE AS5742-6413, ASPIRE AS5742-6475, ASPIRE AS5742-6638, ASPIRE AS5742-6674, ASPIRE AS5742-6811, ASPIRE AS5742-6814, ASPIRE AS5742-6838, ASPIRE AS5742-6860, ASPIRE AS5742-7120, ASPIRE AS5742-7620, ASPIRE AS5742-7645, ASPIRE AS5742-7653, ASPIRE AS5742-7765, ASPIRE AS5742G, ASPIRE AS5742G-6480, ASPIRE AS5742G-6600, ASPIRE AS5742G-6846, ASPIRE AS5742G-7200, ASPIRE AS5742Z, ASPIRE AS5742Z-4097, ASPIRE AS5742Z-4200, ASPIRE AS5742Z-4404, ASPIRE AS5742Z-4459, ASPIRE AS5742Z-4512, ASPIRE AS5742Z-4621, ASPIRE 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8472-5333, TRAVELMATE 8472-6012, TRAVELMATE 8472-6787, TRAVELMATE 8472-6865, TRAVELMATE 8472-7254, TRAVELMATE 8472G, TRAVELMATE 8472G-434G16MNKK, TRAVELMATE 8472G-5454G50MNKK, TRAVELMATE 8472T, TRAVELMATE 8472T-5453G25MNKK, TRAVELMATE 8472T-6472, TRAVELMATE 8472T-7389, TRAVELMATE 8472T-7409, TRAVELMATE 8472TG, TRAVELMATE 8472TG-352G16MNKK, TRAVELMATE 8572-5370, TRAVELMATE 8572-6430, TRAVELMATE 8572-6592, TRAVELMATE 8572-6752, TRAVELMATE 8572-6779, TRAVELMATE 8572-6806, TRAVELMATE 8572G, TRAVELMATE 8572G-6647, TRAVELMATE 8572G-6734, TRAVELMATE 8572G-7787, TRAVELMATE 8572T, TRAVELMATE 8572T-3170, TRAVELMATE 8572T-6405, TRAVELMATE 8572T-6661, TRAVELMATE 8572T-6899, TRAVELMATE 8572T-7197, TRAVELMATE 8572TG, TRAVELMATE 8572TG-6623, TRAVELMATE P243-M, TRAVELMATE TM4740, TRAVELMATE TM4740Z, TRAVELMATE TM4750, TRAVELMATE TM4750-2334G50MNSS, TRAVELMATE TM4750-2434G75MNSS, TRAVELMATE TM5542, TRAVELMATE TM5542-3590, TRAVELMATE TM5542-5256, TRAVELMATE TM5740, TRAVELMATE TM5740G, TRAVELMATE TM5742, TRAVELMATE TM5742-7013, TRAVELMATE TM5742-7159, TRAVELMATE TM5742-7908, TRAVELMATE TM5742Z, TRAVELMATE TM5744, TRAVELMATE TM5744-374G50MIKK, TRAVELMATE TM5760, TRAVELMATE TM5760-2434G75MNSK, TRAVELMATE TM5760-6477, TRAVELMATE TM7740, TRAVELMATE TM7740Z, TRAVELMATE TM7750, TRAVELMATE TM7750G, D442, D528, D528-2496, E400-1202G25MN, E440, E440-1202G16MI, E442, E442-142G25MNKK, E442-V133, E442-V889, NE51B, NE56R, NE56R10U, NE56R11U, NE56R12U, NE56R13U, NE56R15U, NE56R16u, NE71B, NE71B03U, NS41, NS41I01FR, NS51, NV47H02E, NV49C01R, NV49C01R-AR, NV49C02R, NV49C02R-AR, NV49C26E, NV49C27E, NV50A, NV50A02U, NV51B, NV51B02R, NV51B02R-AR, NV51B05U, NV51B08U, NV52L, NV52L06U, NV52L08U, NV53, NV5331U, NV5337U, NV5378U, NV5387U, NV53A, NV53A24U, NV53A34U, NV53A36U, NV53A52U, NV53A82U, NV55C, NV55C01R, NV55C01R-AR, NV55C02M, NV55C02M-MX, NV55C02R, NV55C02R-AR, NV55C03U, NV55C11U, NV55C14U, NV55C15U, NV55C16E, NV55C16E-ES, NV55C17E, NV55C17E-ES, NV55C17U, NV55C19U, NV55C22U, NV55C24U, NV55C25U, 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5755G-2678G75MN, ASPIRE 5755G-32354G50MNKS, ASPIRE 5755G-32376G50MNCS, ASPIRE 5755G-6491, ASPIRE 5755G-7676G75MNKS, ASPIRE 5755G-9667, ASPIRE 5755G-9669, ASPIRE 7560-63424G50MNKK, ASPIRE 7750G-2414G75MNKK, ASPIRE AS4755G-6457, ASPIRE AS4755G-6849, ASPIRE AS5250-0417, ASPIRE AS5250-0816, ASPIRE AS5349-2472, ASPIRE AS5552G-N954G64MNKK, ASPIRE AS5560-7892, ASPIRE AS5560-8605, ASPIRE AS5560G-433058G75MN, ASPIRE AS5560G-83528G75MN, ASPIRE AS5560G-SB413, ASPIRE AS5560G-SB448, ASPIRE AS5560-SB672, ASPIRE AS5733-383G32MNKK, ASPIRE AS5733-384G32MNKK, ASPIRE AS5733-384G50MN, ASPIRE AS5733-388G75MNKK, ASPIRE AS5733Z-P624G32MNKK, ASPIRE AS5733Z-P624G50MNKK, ASPIRE AS5736Z-453G32MNKK, ASPIRE AS5736Z-454G32MNKK, ASPIRE AS5742-373G32MNRR, ASPIRE AS5742-373G502MNKK, ASPIRE AS5742-374G50MNKK, ASPIRE AS5742-384G50MNKK, ASPIRE AS5742G-374G50MNKK, ASPIRE AS5742G-486G64MNKK, ASPIRE AS5742ZG-P624G50MNKK, ASPIRE AS5742Z-P622G50MNKK, ASPIRE AS5742Z-P624G50MNKK, ASPIRE AS5749-2334G75MIKK, ASPIRE 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ASPIRE LX.RNZ02.022, ASPIRE LX.RPX02.063, ASPIRE LX.RQ002.074, ASPIRE LX.RQ402.005, ASPIRE LX.RR702.011, ASPIRE LX.RR702.075, ASPIRE LX.RR702.106, ASPIRE LX.RR802.104, ASPIRE LX.RR902.123, ASPIRE LX.RUN02.003, ASPIRE LX.RUR02.004, ASPIRE LX.RUZAA.002, ASPIRE LX.RV4AA.001, ASPIRE NX.M09AA.003, ASPIRE NX.M09AA.004, ASPIRE NX.M09ET.002, ASPIRE NX.M0AAA.002, ASPIRE NX.M0AEF.001, ASPIRE NX.M0SAA.002, ASPIRE NX.M0SEC.003, ASPIRE NX.M0SEC.004, ASPIRE NX.M12AA.003, ASPIRE NX.M12AA.004, ASPIRE NX.M12AA.008, ASPIRE NX.M12ET.002, ASPIRE NX.M12ET.004, ASPIRE NX.M12SA.004, ASPIRE NX.M14EF.001, ASPIRE NX.M15AA.001, ASPIRE NX.M1WAA.001, ASPIRE NX.M1WEF.001, ASPIRE NX.M1WEF.002, ASPIRE NX.M1WEH.005, ASPIRE NX.M1WEH.017, ASPIRE NX.M1ZEH.003, ASPIRE NX.M1ZEH.007, ASPIRE NX.M20AA.001, ASPIRE NX.M20AA.002, ASPIRE NX.M28EH.001, ASPIRE NX.M31EH.002, ASPIRE NX.M3CSA.002, ASPIRE NX.RD1AA.001, ASPIRE NX.RJWED.002, ASPIRE NX.RKJED.006, ASPIRE NX.RL8AA.009, ASPIRE NX.RL8ET.001, ASPIRE NX.RL8ET.002, ASPIRE NX.RL8ET.003, ASPIRE NX.RL8ET.004, ASPIRE NX.RLYEH.001, ASPIRE NX.RLYET.003, ASPIRE NX.RLYET.004, ASPIRE NX.RN5ED.001, ASPIRE NX.RN5EK.001, ASPIRE NX.RN5EK.004, ASPIRE NX.RN8AA.001, ASPIRE NX.RV3ET.006, ASPIRE NX.RV4ET.004, ASPIRE NX.RVHAA.001.

OEM Model(s):

  • AK.009BT.078
  • AK009BT078
  • AS10G3E
  • BT.00903.013
  • BT00903013


Warranty Information

12 months

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