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Laptop Battery for ASUS A43 A53 K43 K53 X43 X53 (6 - cell 10.8V 5200mAh) [ASU - 1280]

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Product Description

High Quality Replacement Laptop Battery for:

  • Battery for ASUS A43, A53, K43, K53, X43, X53 6-CELL BATTERY

All our batteries are manufactured to the highest quality standards using the highest quality Li-Ion or Li-Poly cell, s, and are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Order today before 4pm from our warehouse in Surrey, and we will deliver to your UK address tomorrow*

*assuming item is in stock - call 01252 854411 with any questions.


6-cell, 5200mAh 10.8v Lilon Black.

Compatible Laptop/Netbook/Notebook Model(s):

A53E-AS51, A53E-ES21, A53U-ES01, K53E-DS91, K53E-RIN5, K53E-YH31-RD, K53E-DH51, K53E-DH52, K53E-RBR4, K53F, K53J, K53JA, K53JC, K53JE, K53JF, K53JG, K53JN, K53JS, K53JT, K53S, K53SA, P53E-XH51, P53SJ, P53SJ-SO002X, P53XXX, PRO5N, PRO5NXXX, PRO5P, PRO5PXXX, PRO8G, PRO8GXXX, X43, X43B, X43BY, X43BY-VX011D, X43BY-VX036D, X43E, X43J, X43JE, X43JF, X43JR, X43JX, X43S, X43SJ, X43SJ-VX120V, X43SJ-VX368D, X43SJ-VX509D, X43SJ-VX756V, X43SR, X43SV, X43SV-V133D, X43SV-VX084V, X43SV-VX169V, X43SV-VX180V, X43T, X43U, X43U-VX017D, X43U-VX035D, X43U-VX040D, X43U-VX100V, X43V, X53, X53E, X53E-RH31-BU, X53E-RH31-RD, X53E-RH32, X53E-RH32-RD, X53E-RH51, X53E-RH52, X53U-XR1, X53XXX, X5P, X5PXXX, A43SV-VX172D, A43SV-VX194D, A43SV-VX203V, A43TA, A43TA-VX034D, A43TA-VX047V, A43TA-VX049D, A43U, A43XXX, A53, A53B, A53BY, A53E, A53E-AH51, A53E-EH31, A53E-EH91, A53E-NH51, A53E-NH71, A53E-SX1339S, A53E-XA2, A53E-XN1, A53E-XT3, A53F, A53J, A53JA, A53JB, A53JC, A53JE, A53JH, A53JQ, A53JR, A53JT, A53JU, A53S, A53SD, A53SJ, A53SV, A53SV-EH71, A53SV-NH51, A53SV-SX041V, A53SV-TH71, A53SV-TH72, A53SV-XC1, A53SV-XE1, A53SV-XT1B, A53T, A53TA, A53TA-EH61, A53U, A53U-EH11, A53U-EH21, K43TA-VX004D, K43TA-VX005D, K43TA-VX030D, K43TA-VX048, K43U, K43U-VX012, K43U-VX014, K43U-VX018S, K43XXX, K53, K53BY, K53BY-SX014V, K53BY-SX119D, K53E, K53E-1A, K53E-3C, K53E-3D, K53E-3E, K53E-3F, K53E-3H, K53E-3I, K53E-3J, K53E-A1, K53E-B1, K53E-BBR1, K53E-BBR11, K53E-BBR4, K53E-BBR6, K53E-BBR7, K53E-BBR9, K53E-BD4TD, K53E-C1, K53E-DH31, A53XXX, A83, A83XXX, K43, K43B, K43BR, K43BY, K43BY-VX039D, K43BY-VX048V, K43E, K43E-VX032V, K43E-VX113, K43E-VX114V, K43E-VX226, K43F, K43J, K43JC, K43JM, K43JS, K43JY, K43S, K43SA, K43SA-VX012, K43SA-VX029, K43SA-VX040D, K43SA-VX85R, K43SC, K43SD, K43SE, K43SJ, K43SJ-VX122, K43SJ-VX133, K43SJ-VX463, K43SR, K43ST, K43SV, K43SV-VX097V, K43SV-VX120, K43SV-VX16, K43SV-VX186, K43SY, K43T, K43TA, K53SC, K53SC-SX010V, K53SC-SX017V, K53SC-SX046V, K53SC-SX054V, K53SC-SX096D, K53SC-SX118V, K53SC-SX221V, K53SD, K53SE, K53SJ, K53SJ-SX084V, K53SJ-SX098V, K53SJ-SX211V, K53SJ-SX216V, K53SJ-SX383, K53SJ-SX517V, K53SN, K53SV, K53SV-A1, K53SV-B1, K53SV-DH51, K53SV-DH71, K53SV-XR1, K53T, K53TA, K53TA-A1, K53TA-BBR6, K53TA-SX026V, K53U, K53U-A1, K53U-DH21, K53U-RBR5, K53U-RBR6, K53U-RBR7, K53U-SX014V, K53XXX, K53Z, K53Z-SX005, K53Z-SX011D, K53Z-SX012, K53Z-SX016D, K53Z-SX039, K53Z-SX053D, P53, P53E, P53E-SO032X, P53E-XH31, X53E-RH71, X53E-XR1, X53E-XR2, X53E-XR3, X53SV, X53SV-MH71, X53SV-RH51, X53SV-RH52, X53SV-RH71, X53SV-SX437V, X53U, X53U-RH11, A43, A43B, A43BY, A43E, A43F, A43J, A43JA, A43JB, A43JC, A43JE, A43JF, A43JG, A43JH, A43JN, A43JP, A43JQ, A43JR, A43JU, A43JV, A43S, A43SJ, A43SV, A43SV-VS264V, A43SV-VX044V, A43SV-VX053V, A43SV-VX072D, A43SV-VX073V, A43SV-VX090D, A43SV-VX096D, A53U-EH22, A53U-SX126V, A53U-XE1, A53U-XE2, A53U-XT2, A43SA-VX071D, A43SJ-VX068, A43SJ-VX068D, A43SJ-VX068V, A43SJ-VX129, A43SJ-VX138R, A43SJ-VX138V, A43SJ-VX192, A43SJ-VX216, A43SJ-VX223D, A43SJ-VX240, A43SJ-VX240V, A43SJ-VX259, A43SJ-VX259V, A43SJ-VX313, A43SJ-VX314V, A43SJ-VX335, A43SJ-VX339D, A43SJ-VX349D, A43SJ-VX392V, A43SJ-VX395D, A43SJ-VX396D, A43SJ-VX400D, A43SJ-VX400V, A43SJ-VX401, A43SJ-VX401V, A43SJ-VX403D, A43SJ-VX490D, A43SJ-VX498V, A43SJ-VX499D, A43SJ-VX501D, A43SJ-VX502D, A43SJ-VX510D, A43SJ-VX510V, A43SJ-VX511V, A43SJ-VX590, A43SJ-VX590V, A43SJ-VX594D, A43SJ-VX712V, A43SJ-VX713, A43SJ-VX713V, A43SJ-VX714V, A43SJ-VX715V, A43SJ-VX716, A43SJ-VX718V, A43SJ-VX792D, A43SJ-VX857D, A43SV-VX028V, A53SD-SX203V, A53SD-SX208V, A53SD-SX279V, A53SD-SX373V, A53SD-SX375V, A53SD-SX453V, A53SD-SX490D, A53SD-SX550V, A53SD-SX609, A53SD-SX609V, A53SD-TS71, A53SD-TS72, A53SJ-SX349V, A53SJ-SX395, A53SJ-SX395V, A53SJ-SX479V, A53SJ-SX480, A53SJ-SX480V, A53SJ-SX791V, A53SJ-SX792V, A53SV-HN5, A53SV-NH71, A53SV-SX046V, A53SV-SX053V, A53SV-SX059X, A53SV-SX106V, A53SV-SX117V, A53SV-SX456D, A53SV-SX480V, A53SV-SX482D, A53SV-SX487V, A53SV-SX498V, A53SV-SX515V, A53SV-SX537V, A53SV-SX538V, A53SV-SX618D, A43E-VX599D, A43SA, A43SA-VX0230, A43SV-VX053D, A43SV-VX073D, A43SV-VX157D, A43SV-VX204R, A43SV-VX213V, A43SV-VX233D, A43SV-VX243D, A43SV-VX264V, A43SV-VX270D, A43SV-VX270R, A43SV-VX690D, A43SV-VX718V, A53BR, A53BR-SX005V, A53BR-SX042V, A53BR-SX045V, A53BY-SX089V, A53BY-SX145V, A53BY-SX188V, A53BY-SX189V, A53C-SX137V, A53C-SX138V, A53C-SX146S, A53C-SX159S, A53C-SX241V, A53C-SX327V, A53C-SX359V, A53E-A1B, A53E-CCT2, A53E-CCT3, A53E-EH71, A53E-ES31, A53E-ES71, A53E-NS51, A53E-SX1538V, A53E-SX230S, A53E-SX230V, A53E-SX637V, A53E-TH31, A53E-TH52, A53E-TS51, A53E-TS52, A53SD-ES71, A53SD-NS51, A53SD-SX117, A53SD-SX117V, A53SD-SX199V, A53SD-SX203, A53SV-VX792, A53SV-XE2, A53SV-XN1, A53SV-XT2, A53TA-SX080, A53TA-SX080V, A53TA-SX080X, A53TA-SX090, A53TA-SX111, A53TA-SX112, A53TA-SX128, A53TA-SX137, A53TA-XE2, A53TA-XN1, A54, A54C, A54H, A54HO, A54HR, A54HR-SX140V, A54H-SX080V, A54H-SX081V, A54H-SX140V, A54H-SX147V, A54H-SX204, A54H-SX204V, A54HY, A54L, A54L-SX088V, A54LY, A83B, A83BR, A83BY, A83E, A83S, A83SA, A83SD, A83SD-VX344V, A83SJ, A83SM, A83SV, A83T, A83TA, A83U, K43BY-VX038D, K43E-2410M, K43E-3CVX, K43E-3DVX, K43E-ME3, K43E-VX037, K43E-VX052R, K43E-VX056, K43E-VX057, K43E-VX065, K43E-VX118, K43E-VX120D, K43E-VX122, K43E-VX123, K43E-VX124, K43E-VX127, K43E-VX139, K43E-VX139D, K43E-VX259R, K43E-VX301R, K43E-VX306R, K43E-VX307R, K43E-VX3308R, K43E-VX351, K43E-VX352, K43E-VX356, K43E-VX377R, K43E-VX423D, K43E-VX425, K43E-VX452V, K43E-VX492, K43E-VX541D, K43E-VX660, K43E-VX766D, K43E-VX807, K43E-VX926, K43SJ-VX061D, K43SJ-VX077, K43SJ-VX086V, K43SJ-VX177D, K43SJ-VX183D, K43SJ-VX184D, K43SJ-VX189D, K43SJ-VX190, K43SV-193D2410M, K43SV-VX014D, K43SV-VX065D, K43SV-VX094, K43SV-VX124V, K43SV-VX129, K43SV-VX142, A53SV-SX640, A53SV-SX642, A53SV-SX643V, A53SV-SX710D, A53SV-SX710V, A53SV-SX791V, A53SV-SX792, A53SV-SX792V, A53SV-SX825D, A53SV-SX958, A53SV-SX959, A53SV-V1G, K43E-3EVX, K43E-3FVX, K43E-3HVX, K43E-3IVX, K43E-3JVX, K43E-ME1, K43U-VX006, K43U-VX008, K43U-VX016D, K53-3D, K53B, K53BY-SX195V, K53BY-SX218D, K53E-B, K53E-BBR14, K53E-BBR15, K53E-BBR3, K53E-CST1, K53E-CT3, K53E-DH91, K53E-DS31, K53E-DS51, K53E-DS52, K53E-QH31, K53E-QH91, K53E-QS31, K53E-QS51, K53E-QS52, K53E-RBR5, K53E-RBR9, K53E-SB1, K53E-SX048X, K53E-SX049X, K53E-SX058V, K53E-SX069V, K53E-SX087V, K53E-SX104V, K53E-SX111V, K53E-SX1138V, K53E-SX123V, K53E-SX1309, K53E-SX1357, K53E-SX1402V, K53E-SX1585V, K53E-SX1764, K53E-SX195V, K53E-SX246, K53E-SX26302, K53SD-SX039V, K53SD-SX067, K53SD-SX067V, K53SD-SX101V, K53SD-SX110D, K53SD-SX111D, K53SD-SX128D, K53SD-SX132, K53SD-SX132V, K53SD-SX156V, K53SD-SX169D, K53SD-SX196, K53SD-SX227V, K53SD-SX237D, K53SD-SX237V, K53SD-SX241V, K53SD-SX248D, K53SD-SX262, K53SD-SX303V, K53SD-SX310D, K53SD-SX324V, K53SD-SX326V, K53SD-SX330, K53SD-SX336V, K53SD-SX344V, K53SD-SX381V, K53SD-SX420D, K53SD-SX443V, K53SD-SX493R, K53SD-SX504, K53SD-SX504V, K53SD-SX521D, K53SD-SX521V, K53SD-SX522, K53SD-SX555V, K53SD-SX581V, K53SD-SX596V, 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K53E-SX962V, K53E-SX963V, K53E-SX970, K53E-XB2, K53E-XQ2, K53E-XQ2-BK, K53E-XQ2-BR, K53E-XR4, K53E-YH31, K53J-D1B, K53J-SX216A, K53S/E, K53SD-DS51, K53SD-DS71, K53SD-QS71, K53SD-SX039, K53SV-SX006V, K53SV-SX045R, K53SV-SX045V, K53SV-SX047V, K53SV-SX055V, K53SV-SX071V, K53SV-SX075, K53SV-SX075V, K53SV-SX077D, K53SV-SX079V, K53SV-SX080V, K53SV-SX081, K53SV-SX087V, K53SV-SX1025V, K53SV-SX107, K53SV-SX108V, K53SV-SX121V, K53SV-SX123V, K53SV-SX125, K53SV-SX126V, K53SV-SX131V, K53SV-SX137V, K53SV-SX144, K53SV-SX144D, K53SV-SX146V, K53SV-SX149V, K53SV-SX152V, K53SV-SX167R, K53SV-SX169D, K53SV-SX171V, K53SV-SX174V, K53SV-SX204V, K53SV-SX208D, K53SV-SX223V, K53SV-SX267D, K53SV-SX267V, K53SV-SX285V, K53SV-SX309D, K53SV-SX379D, K53SV-SX380V, K53SV-SX386V, K53SV-SX392D, K53SV-SX475, K53SV-SX486V, K53SV-SX491, K53SV-SX520D, K53SV-SX521D, K53SV-SX521V, P43F, P43J, P43JC, P43S, P43SJ, P43SL, P53F, P53J, P53JC, P53S, X43BR-VX619D, X43E-VX794D, X43SJ-VX500D, X43U-VX004V, X43U-VX053D, X43U-VX083D, X43U-VX084V, X43U-VX100, X43U-VX120D, X44, X44C, X53E-SX1330V, X53E-SX1449V, X53E-SX1450, X53E-SX1450V, X53E-SX1452V, X53E-SX1533V, X53E-SX1533W, X53E-SX1556D, X53E-SX1564V, X53E-SX1622, X53E-SX1622V, X53E-SX1623V, X53E-SX167, X53E-SX167V, X53E-SX1776V, X53E-SX234V, X53E-SX387V, X53E-SX393V, X53E-SX399R, X53E-SX403V, X53E-SX404V, X53E-SX452V, X53E-SX806V, X53E-SX928V, X53E-SX947V, K53SV-SX904V, K53SV-SX905D, K53SV-SX922D, K53SV-SX922V, K53SV-SX948V, K53SV-SX962, K53SV-SX966, K53SV-SX966V, K53SV-V2G-SX208V, K54C, K54L, K84L, K93, K93SV, P43, P43E, X44C-VX007D, X44H, X44H-BBR5, X44H-BD2GS, X44H-BD2GS14, X44HO, X44H-VX024D, X44H-VX025D, X44H-VX038, X44H-VX058, X44H-VX061, X44H-VX081V, X44H-VX089, X44H-VX107, X44H-VX107D, X44H-VX128D, X44H-VX129D, X44H-VX131, X44H-VX151D, X44H-VX152D, X44HY, X44L, X44L-BBK2, X44L-BBK4, X44L-VX003V, X44L-VX012D, X44L-VX076V, X44LY, X53B, X53BY, X53BY-SX196V, X53BY-SX198V, X53E-ES51, X53E-RH31, X53E-RH91, X53E-RS32, X53E-SX082V, X53E-SX1009V, X53E-SX1047V, 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X54H-SX168, X54H-SX189, X54H-SX227D, X54H-SX227V, X54H-SX270, X54H-SX270V, X54H-SX287, X54H-SX287V, X54HY, X53E-SX996V, X53E-SX997D, A43C, A43E-VX038D, A43E-VX067, A43E-VX086, A43E-VX323D, A43E-VX325D, A43E-VX326D, A43E-VX332D, A43E-VX337D, A43E-VX382D, A43E-VX597D, X54K, X54L, X54LB, X54LY, X84, X84C, X84H, X84HO, X84HY, X84L, X84LY, X84S, X84SL, A54C-TB31, A54C-NB91, A54C-TB91, A54C-SX137V, A54C-TS31, A54C-TS91, A54C-SX159S, A54C-AB91, A54C-AB31, A54C-SX327V, A54C-SX146S, K53UA1, X53ERH52, X53ERS32.

Warranty Information

12 months

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