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Laptop Battery for HP Envy, Pavilion Series / HP Compaq Presario SeriesLaptops (9-cell 7800mAh 10.8v ) [HPK-1330]

  • Battery for HP Envy, Pavilion Series / HP Compaq Presario Series
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Product Description

High Quality Replacement Laptop Battery for:

  • HP Compaq 593015-541
  • HP Compaq 593556-001
  • HP Compaq MU09
  • HP Compaq MU09XL
  • HP Compaq WD549AA
  • HP Compaq WD549AA#ABB

All our batteries are manufactured to the highest quality standards using the highest quality Li-Ion or Li-Poly cells, and are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Order today before 4pm from our warehouse in Surrey, and we will deliver to your UK address tomorrow*

*assuming item is in stock - call 01252 854411 with any questions.


9-cell 7800mAh 10.8v 84.2WH Lithium Ion (Li-Ion).

Compatible Laptop/Netbook/Notebook Model(s):

HP ENVY 17-100, 17-1000, 17-2000, NV17-2290NR.

HP PAVILION DM4-1000, DM4-1060US, DM4-1063CL, DM4-1160US, DM4-1165DX, DM4-1173CL, DM4-1253CL, DM4-2000, DM4-2015DX, DM4-2033CL, DM4-2070US, DM4-2165DX, DM4-2180US, DM4-2184NR, DM4-2191US, DM4-3050US, DM4-3090SE, DV3-4000, DV4-4140US, DV4-4270US, DV5-2000, DV5-2070US, DV5-2130US, DV5-2134US, DV5-3000, DV6-3000, DV6-3013CL, DV6-3031NR, DV6-3033CL, DV6-3040US, DV6-3145DX, DV6-3243CL, DV6-6000, DV6-6033CL, DV6-6110US, DV6-6113CL, DV6-6119WM, DV6-6120US, DV6-6121HE, DV6-6123CL, DV6-6130US, DV6-6135DX, DV6-6140US, DV6-6145DX, DV6-6153CL, DV6-6161HE, DV6-6163CL, DV6-6170US, DV6-6173CL, DV6-6180US, DV6-6181NR, DV6-6B19WM, DV6-6C10US, DV6-6C12NR, DV6-6C13NR, DV6-6C14NR, DV6-6C15NR, DV6-6C16NR, DV6-6C40US, DV6-6C50US, DV6T SELECT EDITION, DV7-4000, DV7-4071NR, DV7-4165DX, DV7-4263CL, DV7-4272US, DV7-4283CL, DV7-6000, DV7-6123CL, DV7-6135DX, DV7-6163CL, DV7-6163US, DV7-6165US, DV7-6168NR, DV7-6169NR, DV7-6179US, DV7-6C20US, DV7-6C60US, DV7-6C63NR, DV7-6C80US, DV7-6C90US, DV7-6D80US, G32, G4, G4-1016DX, G4-1125DX, G4-1135DX, G4-1213NR, G4-1215DX, G4-1311NR, G42, G42-100, G42-101XX, G42-154CA, G42-415DX, G42-475DX, G56, G6, G6-1B59WM-RFB, G6-1B71HE, G6-1C44WM, G6-1C77NR, G6-1D60US, G6-1D62NR, G6-1D70US, G6-1D72NR, G62, G62-100, G62-101XX, G62-103XX, G62-134CA, G62-140US, G62-143CL, G62-144DX, G62-147NR, G62-149WM, G62-153CA, G62-154CA, G62-219WM, G62-219WM-(WQ760UA), G62-219WM-(WQ760UAR), G62-223CL, G62-435DX, G62T-100 CTO, G7, G7-1075DX, G7-1167DX, G7-1260US, G7-1310US, G7-1365DX, G72.

HP Compaq 2000, 2000-410US, 2000-427CL, LF153UA, LF153UA#ABA, LF157UA, LF173UA, LV860UA#ABA, LW174UA, LW233UA, LW259UA#AB, LW259UA#ABA, LW262UA, LW338UA, LW338UA#AB, LW414UA, LW478UA, WA912UA, WQ630UA, WQ679UA, WQ680UA#AB, WQ747UA#AB, WQ751UA, WQ751UA#AB, WQ762UA, WQ762UA#AB, WQ798UA, WQ798UA#AB, WQ856UA#AB, WQ861UA#AB, WQ861UA#ABA, WQ875UA#AB, XB093UA#AB, XC432UA, XC432UA#AB, XC433UA#ABA, XG740UA#ABA, XG756UA, XG809UA#ABA, XG858UA, XG872UA, XG923UA, XG928UA, XG960UA, XH004UA, XH068UA#AB, XH079UA, XH105UA, XH105UA#ABA, XH125UA#ABA, XX389UA, XX390UA, XY980UA#ABA, XZ029UA, XZ029UA#ABA, XZ046UA#ABA, XZ049UA, XZ182UA#AB, XZ183UA, XZ185UA, XZ218UA, XZ259UA, XZ267UA, XZ298UA, XZ298UA#ABA.

HP Compaq PRESARIO CQ32, CQ42, CQ42-101TU, CQ42-102TU, CQ42-103TU, CQ42-104TU, CQ42-105TU, CQ42-106TU, CQ42-107TU, CQ42-108TU, CQ42-109TU, CQ42-110TU, CQ42-111TU, CQ42-112TU, CQ42-113TU, CQ42-114TU, CQ42-115TU, CQ42-116TU, CQ42-117TU, CQ42-118TU, CQ42-119TU, CQ42-120TU, CQ42-121LA, CQ42-121TU, CQ42-122LA, CQ42-122TU, CQ42-123LA, CQ42-123TU, CQ42-124LA, CQ42-124TU, CQ42-125LA, CQ42-125TU, CQ42-126LA, CQ42-126TU, CQ42-127TU, CQ42-128TU, CQ42-129TU, CQ42-130TU, CQ42-131TU, CQ42-132TU, CQ42-133TU, CQ42-134TU, CQ42-135TU, CQ42-136TU, CQ42-137TU, CQ42-138TU, CQ42-139TU, CQ42-140TU, CQ42-151TU, CQ42-151TX, CQ42-152TU, CQ42-152TX, CQ42-153TU, CQ42-153TX, CQ42-154TU, CQ42-154TX, CQ42-155TU, CQ42-155TX, CQ42-156TU, CQ42-156TX, CQ42-157TU, CQ42-157TX, CQ42-158TU, CQ42-158TX, CQ42-159TU, CQ42-159TX, CQ42-160TU, CQ42-160TX, CQ42-161TU, CQ42-161TX, CQ42-162TU, CQ42-162TX, CQ42-163TU, CQ42-163TX, CQ42-164TU, CQ42-164TX, CQ42-165TU, CQ42-165TX, CQ42-166TU, CQ42-166TX, CQ42-167TU, CQ42-167TX, CQ42-168TU, CQ42-168TX, CQ42-169TU, CQ42-169TX, CQ42-170TU, CQ42-170TX, CQ42-171TU, CQ42-171TX, CQ42-172TU, CQ42-172TX, CQ42-173TU, CQ42-173TX, CQ42-174TU, CQ42-174TX, CQ42-175TU, CQ42-175TX, CQ42-176TU, CQ42-176TX, CQ42-177TX, CQ42-178TX, CQ42-179TX, CQ42-180TX, CQ42-181TX, CQ42-182TX, CQ42-183TX, CQ42-184TX, CQ42-185TX, CQ42-186TX, CQ42-187TX, CQ42-188TX, CQ42-189TX, CQ42-190TX, CQ42-191TX, CQ42-192TX, CQ42-193TX, CQ42-194TX, CQ42-195TX, CQ43, CQ430, CQ56, CQ57-315NR, CQ57-410US, CQ62, CQ62-238DX, CQ630, CQ72.

Warranty Information

12 months

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Product Reviews

  1. Excellent service, 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Sep 2017

    Laptop Battery Co. Ltd provided an excellent service. Next day delivery at no extra cost. New battery is improved design on previous as it has two legs to lift laptop there bye improving cooling and prevention of over heating.

  2. laptop battery 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Mar 2017

    supper value a lot cheaper than HP but dearer than last battery i bought (non branded from another co.) which lasted 2 months and could not get a refund this battery once charged up does all i want and more will use use you again if i need anything else and so will my friends thanks