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Replacement Ac Adapter for Acer, Asus, Dell, Gateway, HP, HP Compaq, Lenovo, ToshibaLaptop Model(s) [AC90-19103]

  • AC Adapter for Acer, Asus, Dell, Gateway Laptop Model(s)...
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Product Description

*** Supplied with cable and UK plug.

All our AC adapters are manufactured to the highest quality standards using the highest quality components/parts and are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Order today before 4pm from our warehouse in Surrey, and we will deliver to your UK address tomorrow*

*assuming item is in stock - call 01252 854411 with any questions.

High Quality Replacement AC Adapter for:

Lenovo IBM 11J8627, HP Compaq F4600-60901, HP Compaq F4600A, HP Compaq F4813A, HP Compaq F4813A#ABA, HP Compaq F4814A, HP Compaq F5104A, HP Compaq F600-60901, ACER 25.10046.131, ACER 25.10046.151, ACER 25.10052.001, ACER APS LAC1000, ACER H00015132, ACER JP-90-02, ACER K0080, ACER PA-1900-05, ACER PA-1900-05QA, ALIENWARE 20217-1038, ALIENWARE LSE9901A2070, ASUS VWW0645958876, AVERATEC 40014219, AVERATEC 9NA0900100, AVERATEC SA7601055700, DELL 1243C, DELL 2941E, DELL 310-0457, DELL 5542D, DELL 55522, DELL 55523, DELL 74632, DELL 7832D, DELL F9710, DELL KD186, DELL PA-1600-06D1, DELL XD187, E-MACHINES PA-1900-05, FUJITSU SIEMENS 25.10068.181, FUJITSU SIEMENS CA01007-0890, FUJITSU SIEMENS CA01007-0920, FUJITSU SIEMENS CA01007-0930, FUJITSU SIEMENS CA01007-0960, FUJITSU SIEMENS CP045013-01, FUJITSU SIEMENS CP145081-01, FUJITSU SIEMENS FMV-AC314, FUJITSU SIEMENS FPCAC25, FUJITSU SIEMENS FPCAC26, FUJITSU SIEMENS FPCAC26AP, FUJITSU SIEMENS FPCAC33, FUJITSU SIEMENS FPCAC33AP, FUJITSU SIEMENS FPCAC34, FUJITSU SIEMENS FPCAC34AP, GATEWAY 1523518, GATEWAY 6500175, GATEWAY 6500358, GATEWAY 6500584, GATEWAY 6500591, GATEWAY 6500706, GATEWAY 6500714, GATEWAY 6500722, GATEWAY ADP-50FB, GATEWAY ADP-90HB, GATEWAY PA-1600-06, GATEWAY SA70-3105, GATEWAY SA80T-3115, HP Compaq 177624-001, HP Compaq 177624-B21, HP Compaq 177626-001, HP Compaq 180675-001, HP Compaq 180676-001, HP Compaq 198713-001, HP Compaq 198714-001, HP Compaq 208179-001, HP Compaq 222113-001, HP Compaq 233399-001, HP Compaq 261867-001, HP Compaq 261873-001, HP Compaq 310925-001, HP Compaq 324816-001, HP Compaq 325112-001, HP Compaq 325112-021, HP Compaq 325112-031, HP Compaq 325112-061, HP Compaq 325112-081, HP Compaq 325112-111, HP Compaq 325112-201, HP Compaq 325112-291, HP Compaq 325112-AA1, HP Compaq 325112-AD1, HP Compaq 91-58616, HP Compaq ADP-75FB, HP Compaq EOS 45LT19A, HP Compaq F1377A, HP Compaq F1454A, HP Compaq F1454A-ABA, HP Compaq F145A, HP Compaq F1650, HP Compaq F1670C, HP Compaq F1700B, HP Compaq F1718A, HP Compaq F1781A, HP Compaq F19601, HP Compaq F19603J, HP Compaq PA1400-19, HP Compaq PA-1600-01, HP Compaq PA-1900-15C2, HP Compaq PA3468U-1ACA, Lenovo IBM 02K6900, Lenovo IBM 65NT178E, Lenovo IBM D4040A, HP Compaq LE-9401B20, HP Compaq LSE0202A2090, ASUS ADP-90SB BB, AVERATEC ADP68, AVERATEC FSP065-AAC, AVERATEC FSP090-1ADC21, AVERATEC LSE9802B2060, AVERATEC PA-1600-05, AVERATEC PA-1650-01, AVERATEC PA-1750-01, AVERATEC SA20035-01, AVERATEC SA20049-01, AVERATEC SA20049-02, MICRON NBP001127-00, MICRON NBP001127-01, MICRON NBP001141-00, MICRON NBP001144-00, MICRON NBP001249-00, MICRON NBP001375-00, MICRON NBP001393-00, MICRON XAD6003, CLEVO ADP-45TB, CLEVO PC-VP-WP17, CLEVO SPN-245, COMPAL 7102811A02N, ACER 87-5692-010A, ACER 91.47T28.001, ACER AP.A1003.003, NEC ADP-9510-19A, NEC OP-520-63001, NEC OP-520-67501, NEC OP-520-69002, NEC OP-520-70001, NEC OP-520-73701, NEC OP-520-75601, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS 9803981-0001, TOSHIBA ADP-75SB AB, TOSHIBA ADP-90FB, TOSHIBA API-1AD43, TOSHIBA API-7595, TOSHIBA API-7629, TOSHIBA K000076390, TOSHIBA PA-1900-06, TOSHIBA PA-1900-35, TOSHIBA PA3032U-1ACA, TOSHIBA PA3097U-1ACA, TOSHIBA PA3165E-1ACA, TOSHIBA PA3165U-1ACA, TOSHIBA PA3396U-1ACA, TOSHIBA PA3468U-1ACA, TOSHIBA PA3716U-1ACA, TOSHIBA PSL48U-01S004, TOSHIBA V000121040, TOSHIBA V000121080, TOSHIBA V000180690, TWINHEAD 76-010045-00, HP Compaq 0950-3634, HP Compaq 0950-3988, HP Compaq 0950-4334, HP Compaq 0950-4359, HP Compaq 293700-003, HP Compaq 293720-003, HP Compaq 293787-001, HP Compaq 293825-001, HP Compaq 293831-001, HP Compaq 298

Compatible Laptop/Netbook/Notebook Model(s):

ACER ACERNOTE 367, 367D, 367T, 368, 370, 380, 382, 390, 390A, 391, 392, 393, 394, 395, LIFENOTE 373, LIGHT 370, LIGHT 371, LIGHT 372, LIGHT 373, LIGHT 374.


ACER ASPIRE 1300, 1300 SERIES, 1350.

ACER EXTENSA 360, 365, 366D, 367D, 368D, 390, 390 SERIES, 390C, 390CX, 391, 392, 393, 394, 395, 512, 513, 514, 515, 516, 517, 690, 900, ESS3-391T.

ACER FERRARI 3000, 3000LMI, 3200, 3400, 4000, 4000 SERIES, 4000LMI, 4000WLMI, 4001 SERIES, 4001WLMI, 4002 SERIES, 4002LMI, 4002WLM, 4002WLMI, 4003 SERIES, 4003WLMI, 4004 SERIES, 4004WLMI, 4005 SERIES, 4005LMI, 4005WLM, 4005WLMI.

ACER TRAVELMATE 240, 240 SERIES, 242FX(MS2138), 242FX(MS2138) SERIES, 242LC, 242LCI, 242LM, 242LMI, 242X, 242XC, 242XM, 243LC, 243LCH, 243X, 243XH, 243XI, 244LCI, 244LC-XPP, 250, 250 SERIES, 250LC, 250LCI, 250PE, 250PEXC, 252ELC, 252ELCI, 254ELCI.

ALIENWARE AREA 51M, ENTHUSIAST, EXTREME, GF FX 5600, PERFORMANCE, A43, A43B, A43BY, A43C, A43E, A43E-VX038D, A43E-VX067, A43E-VX086, A43E-VX323D, A43E-VX325D, A43E-VX326D, A43E-VX332D, A43E-VX337D, A43E-VX382D, A43E-VX597D, A43E-VX599D, A43F, A43J, A43JA, A43JB, A43JC, A43JF, A43JG, A43JH, A43JN, A43JP, A43JQ, A43JR, A43JU, A43JV, A43S, A43SA, A43SA-VX0230, A43SA-VX071D, A43SJ, A43SJ-VX068, A43SJ-VX068D, A43SJ-VX068V, A43SJ-VX129, A43SJ-VX138R, A43SJ-VX138V, A43SJ-VX192, A43SJ-VX216, A43SJ-VX223D, A43SJ-VX240, A43SJ-VX240V, A43SJ-VX259, A43SJ-VX259V, A43SJ-VX313, A43SJ-VX314V, A43SJ-VX335, A43SJ-VX339D, A43SJ-VX349D, A43SJ-VX392V, A43SJ-VX395D, A43SJ-VX396D, A43SJ-VX400D, A43SJ-VX400V, A43SJ-VX401, A43SJ-VX401V, A43SJ-VX403D, A43SJ-VX490D, A43SJ-VX498V, A43SJ-VX499D, A43SJ-VX501D, A43SJ-VX502D, A43SJ-VX510D, A43SJ-VX510V, A43SJ-VX511V, A43SJ-VX590, A43SJ-VX590V, A43SJ-VX594D, A43SJ-VX712V, A43SJ-VX713, A43SJ-VX713V, A43SJ-VX714V, A43SJ-VX715V, A43SJ-VX716, A43SJ-VX718V, A43SJ-VX792D, A43SJ-VX857D, A43SV, A43SV-VX028V, A43SV-VX044V, A43SV-VX053D, A43SV-VX072D, A43SV-VX073D, A43SV-VX073V, A43SV-VX090D, A43SV-VX096D, A43SV-VX157D, A43SV-VX172D, A43SV-VX194D, A43SV-VX203V, A43SV-VX204R, A43SV-VX213V, A43SV-VX233D, A43SV-VX243D, A43SV-VX264V, A43SV-VX270D, A43SV-VX270R, A43SV-VX690D, A43SV-VX718V, A43U, A53, A53B, A53BR, A53BR-SX005V, A53BR-SX042V, A53BR-SX045V, A53BY, A53BY-SX089V, A53BY-SX145V, A53BY-SX188V, A53BY-SX189V, A53C-SX137V, A53C-SX138V, A53C-SX146S, A53C-SX159S, A53C-SX241V, A53C-SX327V, A53C-SX359V, A53E, A53E-A1B, A53E-CCT2, A53E-CCT3, A53E-EH31, A53E-EH71, A53E-EH91, A53E-ES31, A53E-ES71, A53E-NH51, A53E-NS51, A53E-SX1339S, A53E-SX1538V, A53E-SX230S, A53E-SX230V, A53E-SX637V, A53E-TH31, A53E-TH52, A53E-TS51, A53E-TS52, A53F, A53J, A53JA, A53JB, A53JC, A53JE, A53JH, A53JQ, A53JR, A53JT, A53JU, A53S, A53SD, A53SD-ES71, A53SD-NS51, A53SD-SX117, A53SD-SX117V, A53SD-SX199V, A53SD-SX203, A53SD-SX203V, A53SD-SX208V, A53SD-SX279V, A53SD-SX373V, A53SD-SX375V, A53SD-SX453V, A53SD-SX490D, A53SD-SX550V, A53SD-SX609, A53SD-SX609V, A53SD-TS71, A53SD-TS72, A53SJ, A53SJ-SX349V, A53SJ-SX395, A53SJ-SX395V, A53SJ-SX479V, A53SJ-SX480, A53SJ-SX480V, A53SJ-SX791V, A53SJ-SX792V, A53SV, A53SV-HN5, A53SV-NH51, A53SV-NH71, A53SV-SX041V, A53SV-SX046V, A53SV-SX053V, A53SV-SX059X, A53SV-SX106V, A53SV-SX117V, A53SV-SX456D, A53SV-SX480V, A53SV-SX482D, A53SV-SX487V, A53SV-SX498V, A53SV-SX515V, A53SV-SX537V, A53SV-SX538V, A53SV-SX618D, A53SV-SX640, A53SV-SX642, A53SV-SX643V, A53SV-SX710D, A53SV-SX710V, A53SV-SX791V, A53SV-SX792, A53SV-SX792V, A53SV-SX825D, A53SV-SX958, A53SV-SX959, A53SV-TH71, A53SV-TH72, A53SV-V1G, A53SV-VX792, A53SV-XC1, A53SV-XE1, A53SV-XE2, A53SV-XN1, A53SV-XT2, A53T, A53TA, A53TA-EH61, A53TA-SX080, A53TA-SX080V, A53TA-SX080X, A53TA-SX090, A53TA-SX111, A53TA-SX112, A53TA-SX128, A53TA-SX137, A53TA-XE2, A53TA-XN1, A54, A54C, A54C-TS31, A54H, A54HO, A54HR, A54HR-SX140V, A54H-SX080V, A54H-SX081V, A54H-SX140V, A54H-SX147V, A54H-SX204, A54H-SX204V, A54HY, A54L, A54L-SX088V, A54LY, A83, A83B, A83BR, A83BY, A83E, A83S, A83SA, A83SD, A83SD-VX344V, A83SJ, A83SM, A83SV, A83T, A83TA, A83U, B50A, F5C, F5C-2C, F5GL, F5GL-1A, F5GL-2C, F5GL-2D, F5GL-AP009, F5GL-AP010E, F5GL-AP015A, F5GL-AP016, F5GL-AP016C, F5GL-AP017C, F5GL-AP018C, F5GL-AP018H, F5GL-AP031, F5GL-AP031C, F5GL-AP033E, F5GL-AP034C, F5GL-AP040, F5GL-AP040C, F5GL-AP073C, F5GL-AP078, F5GL-AP078C, F5GL-AP079, F5GL-AP084, F5GL-AP084C, F5GL-AP095, F5GL-AP095E, F5GL-AP096A, F5GL-AP109E, F5GL-AP134C, F5GL-AP150C, F5GL-AP215, F5GL-AP219, F5GL-AP219C, F5GL-AP222C, F5GL-AP230, F5GL-AP230C, F5GL-AP241, F5GL-AP241C, F5GL-AP246, F5GL-AP246C, F5GL-AP246L, F5GL-AP246X, F5GL-AP311A, F5GL-AP319A, F5GL-AP334C, F5GL-AP369A, F5M, F5M-1A, F5M-2C, F5M-AP002A, F5M-AP006, F5M-AP006A, F5M-AP011, F5M-AP012, F5M-AP012A, F5M-AP013, F5M-AP013A, F5M-AP021E, F5M-AP023, F5M-AP032H, F5M-AP033, F5M-AP033A, F5M-AP033C, F5M-AP035H, F5M-AP043, F5M-AP043C, F5M-AP045, F5M-AP046C, F5N, F5N-1A, F5N-2C, F5N-AP001C, F5N-AP006, F5N-AP006A, F5N-AP019C, F5N-AP022, F5N-AP022C, F5N-AP022H, F5N-AP024, F5N-AP033, F5N-AP033D, F5N-AP035, F5N-AP040, F5N-AP043C, F5N-AP053, F5N-AP059, F5N-AP059C, F5N-AP067C, F5N-AP069C, F5N-AP070, F5N-AP071, F5N-AP074, F5N-AP074A, F5N-AP077, F5N-AP077A, F5N-AP079, F5N-AP098A, F5N-AP098C, F5N-AP111A, F5N-AP113, F5N-AP133C, F5N-AP133E, F5N-AP137, F5N-AP137C, F5N-AP140E, F5N-AP143, F5N-AP143H, F5N-AP155, F5N-AP158, F5N-AP158C, F5N-AP167, F5N-AP183, F5N-AP183P, F5N-AP201, F5N-AP206, F5N-AP220, F5N-AP222, F5N-AP229, F5N-AP234, F5N-AP249, F5N-AP249D, F5N-AP275, F5R, F5R-1A, F5R-2C, F5R-AP002, F5R-AP005, F5R-AP006, F5R-AP006A, F5R-AP006H, F5R-AP010A, F5R-AP014, F5R-AP019, F5R-AP019C, F5R-AP019P, F5R-AP025A, F5R-AP027A, F5R-AP028A, F5R-AP031A, F5R-AP034C, F5R-AP039, F5R-AP039A, F5R-AP040, F5R-AP040A, F5R-AP040C, F5R-AP046C, F5R-AP046C-A, F5R-AP052C, F5R-AP058, F5R-AP059A, F5R-AP063, F5R-AP063A, F5R-AP065, F5R-AP065C, F5R-AP065E, F5R-AP065E-A, F5R-AP076A, F5R-AP078C, F5R-AP092A, F5R-AP103, F5R-AP103A, F5R-AP110, F5R-AP111C, F5R-AP114C, F5R-AP115C, F5R-AP132, F5R-AP138C, F5R-AP155, F5R-AP157P, F5R-AP159H, F5R-AP160H, F5R-AP164C, F5R-AP172, F5R-AP172C, F5R-AP172E, F5R-AP178P, F5R-AP183C, F5R-AP185, F5R-AP186, F5R-AP186C, F5R-AP187C, F5R-AP188E, F5R-AP198, F5R-AP198C, F5R-AP208H, F5R-AP225C, F5R-AP233, F5R-AP244, F5R-AP248, F5R-AP249, F5R-AP251, F5R-AP251H, F5R-AP253, F5R-AP253H, F5R-AP255, F5R-AP255C, F5R-AP258, F5R-AP264C, F5R-AP265, F5R-AP266, F5R-AP270H, F5R-AP323, F5R-AP323A, F5R-AP323C-A, F5R-AP323C-E, F5R-AP341A, F5R-AP349A, F5R-AP364, F5R-AP366, F5RL, F5RL-1A, F5RL-2C, F5RL-AP002E, F5RL-AP007, F5RL-AP007D, F5RL-AP008C, F5RL-AP010, F5RL-AP011, F5RL-AP012, F5RL-AP012C, F5RL-AP012P, F5RL-AP015, F5RL-AP015P, F5RL-AP018, F5RL-AP018C, F5RL-AP026C, F5RL-AP027, F5RL-AP027P, F5RL-AP030, F5RL-AP030D, F5RL-AP033C, F5RL-AP035C, F5RL-AP037, F5RL-AP037C, F5RL-AP037D, F5RL-AP039E, F5RL-AP040, F5RL-AP040P, F5RL-AP052, F5RL-AP056, F5RL-AP060C, F5RL-AP064A, F5RL-AP065C, 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F5RL-AP431, F5RL-AP431C, F5RL-AP432, F5RL-AP432C, F5RL-AP448A, F5RL-AP451, F5RL-AP455, F5RL-AP456, F5RL-AP456C, F5RL-AP460, F5SL, F5SL-1A, F5SL-2C, F5SL-2D, F5SL-AP009C, F5SL-AP012, F5SL-AP013, F5SL-AP014, F5SL-AP014C, F5SL-AP015, F5SL-AP016C, F5SL-AP018C, F5SL-AP019C, F5SL-AP021, F5SL-AP021C, F5SL-AP023, F5SL-AP023C, F5SL-AP023L, F5SL-AP024C, F5SL-AP024L, F5SL-AP033, F5SL-AP035, F5SL-AP037, F5SL-AP039, F5SL-AP040C, F5SL-AP041D, F5SL-AP048, F5SL-AP048C, F5SL-AP050, F5SL-AP089C, F5SL-AP103L, F5SL-AP104, F5SL-AP107C, F5SL-AP117D, F5SL-AP120A, F5SL-AP128E, F5SL-AP132C, F5SL-AP141, F5SL-AP141-1, F5SL-AP141C-1, F5SL-AP143, F5SL-AP152, F5SL-AP160E, F5SL-AP177D, F5SL-AP179, F5SL-AP183, F5SL-AP183C, F5SL-AP187C, F5SL-AP196, F5SL-AP197C, F5SL-AP204C, F5SL-AP206C, F5SL-AP235, F5SL-AP235C, F5SL-AP244C, F5SL-AP244E, F5SL-AP246C, F5SL-AP247E, F5SL-AP273A, F5SL-AP322C, F5SL-AP326C, F5SL-AP334, F5SL-AP344, F5SL-AP346C, F5SL-AP348, F5SL-AP348C, F5SL-AP383C, F5SL-AP392, F5SL-AP403E, F5SL-AP405, F5SL-AP408E, F5SL-AP414C, F5SL-AP416, F5SL-AP428C, F5SL-AP450C, F5SL-AP455, F5SL-AP456, F5SR, F5SR-1A, F5SR-2C, F5SR-2D, F5SR-AP002C, F5SR-AP006C, F5SR-AP007C, F5SR-AP008, F5SR-AP008C, F5SR-AP012, F5SR-AP024C, F5SR-AP027, F5SR-AP027C, F5SR-AP028, F5SR-AP028C, F5SR-AP033D, F5SR-AP042C, F5SR-AP043C, F5SR-AP050, F5SR-AP050C, F5SR-AP053, F5SR-AP053C, F5SR-AP069, F5SR-AP069A, F5SR-AP084C, F5SR-AP087E, F5SR-AP089C, F5SR-AP128C, F5SR-AP128E, F5SR-AP144C, F5SR-AP145E, F5SR-AP148, F5SR-AP148C, F5SR-AP151E, F5SR-AP163, F5SR-AP163C, F5SR-AP164, F5SR-AP164C, F5SR-AP165, F5SR-AP165C, F5SR-AP195, F5SR-AP225, F5SR-AP266, F5SR-AP266C, F5SR-AP301C, F5SR-AP340, F5SR-AP340E, F5SR-AP361C, F5V, F5V-1A, F5V-2C, F5V-AP001A, F5V-AP003, F5V-AP010C, F5V-AP016C, F5V-AP021C, F5V-AP026, F5V-AP026C, F5V-AP030C, F5V-AP038, F5V-AP040, F5V-AP041C, F5V-AP046C, F5V-AP055, F5V-AP065, F5V-AP065C, F5V-AP068C, F5V-AP072, F5V-AP074, F5V-AP084, F5V-AP086, F5V-AP105, F5V-AP105C, F5V-AP112D, F5V-AP116, F5V-AP11X, F5V-AP567P, F5VL, F5VL-1A, F5VL-2C, F5VL-AP005, F5VL-AP005C, F5VL-AP006, F5VL-AP006C, F5VL-AP008C, F5VL-AP011C, F5VL-AP012C, F5VL-AP015, F5VL-AP015-3G, F5VL-AP023C, F5VL-AP031, F5VL-AP031C, F5VL-AP032C, F5VL-AP033, F5VL-AP033C, F5VL-AP037, F5VL-AP038H, F5VL-AP038P, F5VL-AP039C, F5VL-AP043, F5VL-AP069, F5VL-AP069A, F5VL-AP070, F5VL-AP070C, F5VL-AP123C, F5VL-AP128C, F5VL-AP132, F5VL-AP132C, F5VL-AP133D, F5VL-AP136C, F5VL-AP136E, F5VL-AP140C, F5VL-AP149, F5VL-AP155C, F5VL-AP169C, F5VL-AP172H, F5VL-AP514C, F5Z, F5Z-1A, F5Z-2C, F5Z-AP009C, F5Z-AP019, F5Z-AP019C, F5Z-AP019C-1, F5Z-AP020, F5Z-AP023C, F5Z-AP036C, F5Z-AP036D, F5Z-AP037C, F5Z-AP054C, F5Z-AP055D, F5Z-AP057, F5Z-AP057C, F5Z-AP080C, F5Z-AP082A, F5Z-AP083, F5Z-AP083C, F5Z-AP086, F5Z-AP096, F5Z-AP104C, F5Z-AP142C, F5Z-AP142D, F5Z-AP146A, F5Z-AP171, F5Z-AP172, F5Z-AP172D, K43, K43B, K43BY, K43BY-VX038D, K43BY-VX039D, K43BY-VX048V, K43E, K43E-2410M, K43E-3CVX, K43E-3DVX, K43E-3EVX, K43E-3FVX, K43E-3HVX, K43E-3IVX, K43E-3JVX, K43E-ME1, K43E-ME3, K43E-VX037, K43E-VX052R, K43E-VX056, K43E-VX057, K43E-VX065, K43E-VX113, K43E-VX114V, K43E-VX118, K43E-VX120D, K43E-VX122, K43E-VX123, K43E-VX124, K43E-VX127, K43E-VX139, K43E-VX139D, K43E-VX226, K43E-VX259R, K43E-VX301R, K43E-VX306R, K43E-VX307R, K43E-VX3308R, K43E-VX351, K43E-VX352, K43E-VX356, K43E-VX377R, K43E-VX423D, K43E-VX425, K43E-VX452V, K43E-VX492, K43E-VX541D, K43E-VX660, K43E-VX766D, K43E-VX807, K43E-VX926, K43F, K43J, K43JC, K43JM, K43JS, K43JY, K43S, K43SC, K43SD, K43SE, K43SJ, K43SJ-VX061D, K43SJ-VX077, K43SJ-VX086V, K43SJ-VX177D, K43SJ-VX183D, K43SJ-VX184D, K43SJ-VX189D, K43SJ-VX190, K43SR, K43SV, K43SV-193D2410M, K43SV-VX014D, K43SV-VX065D, K43SV-VX094, K43SV-VX097V, K43SV-VX120, K43SV-VX124V, K43SV-VX129, K43SV-VX142, K43SV-VX266R, K43SY, K43T, K43TA, K43U, K43U-VX006, K43U-VX008, K43U-VX012, K43U-VX016D, K53, K53-3D, K53B, K53BY, K53BY-SX195V, K53BY-SX218D, K53E, K53E-A1, K53E-B, K53E-BBR14, K53E-BBR15, K53E-BBR3, K53E-BBR4, K53E-BBR7, K53E-BBR9, K53E-C1, K53E-CST1, K53E-CT3, K53E-DH91, K53E-DS31, K53E-DS51, K53E-DS52, K53E-QH31, K53E-QH91, K53E-QS31, K53E-QS51, K53E-QS52, K53E-RBR5, K53E-RBR9, K53E-SB1, K53E-SX048X, K53E-SX049X, K53E-SX058V, K53E-SX069V, K53E-SX087V, K53E-SX104V, K53E-SX111V, K53E-SX1138V, K53E-SX123V, K53E-SX1309, K53E-SX1357, K53E-SX1402V, K53E-SX1585V, K53E-SX1764, K53E-SX195V, K53E-SX246, K53E-SX26302, K53E-SX328V, K53E-SX348V, K53E-SX375V, K53E-SX678, K53E-SX682, K53E-SX684, K53E-SX686, K53E-SX687, K53E-SX690, K53E-SX693, K53E-SX694, K53E-SX699, K53E-SX702, K53E-SX704, K53E-SX705, K53E-SX706, K53E-SX707, K53E-SX708, K53E-SX756, K53E-SX791V, K53E-SX808R, K53E-SX815V, K53E-SX815X, K53E-SX831V, K53E-SX833V, K53E-SX835V, K53E-SX87, K53E-SX879V, K53E-SX880V, K53E-SX883, K53E-SX912, K53E-SX961V, K53E-SX962V, K53E-SX963V, K53E-SX970, K53E-XB2, K53E-XQ2, K53E-XQ2-BK, K53E-XQ2-BR, K53E-XR4, K53E-YH31, K53F, K53J, K53JA, K53JC, K53J-D1B, K53JE, K53JF, K53JG, K53JN, K53JS, K53J-SX216A, K53JT, K53S, K53S/E, K53SA, K53SC, K53SD, 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K53SV-SX123V, K53SV-SX125, K53SV-SX126V, K53SV-SX131V, K53SV-SX137V, K53SV-SX144, K53SV-SX144D, K53SV-SX146V, K53SV-SX149V, K53SV-SX152V, K53SV-SX167R, K53SV-SX169D, K53SV-SX171V, K53SV-SX174V, K53SV-SX204V, K53SV-SX208D, K53SV-SX223V, K53SV-SX267D, K53SV-SX267V, K53SV-SX285V, K53SV-SX309D, K53SV-SX379D, K53SV-SX380V, K53SV-SX386V, K53SV-SX392D, K53SV-SX475, K53SV-SX486V, K53SV-SX491, K53SV-SX520D, K53SV-SX521D, K53SV-SX521V, K53SV-SX542V, K53SV-SX544V, K53SV-SX545D, K53SV-SX545V, K53SV-SX619V, K53SV-SX621V, K53SV-SX622V, K53SV-SX629V, K53SV-SX636V, K53SV-SX645V, K53SV-SX651, K53SV-SX667V, K53SV-SX669V, K53SV-SX696V, K53SV-SX702V, K53SV-SX706V, K53SV-SX707V, K53SV-SX708, K53SV-SX721D, K53SV-SX770, K53SV-SX771, K53SV-SX789D, K53SV-SX795R, K53SV-SX803, K53SV-SX812V, K53SV-SX818, K53SV-SX838, K53SV-SX838V, K53SV-SX850, K53SV-SX852, K53SV-SX873, K53SV-SX899, K53SV-SX904V, K53SV-SX905D, K53SV-SX922D, K53SV-SX922V, K53SV-SX948V, K53SV-SX962, K53SV-SX966, K53SV-SX966V, K53SV-V2G-SX208V, K53T, K53TA, K53U, K54C, K54L, K84L, K93, K93SV, P24XXX, P43, P43E, P43F, P43J, P43JC, P43S, P43SJ, P43SL, P53, P53E, P53F, P53J, P53JC, P53S, P53SJ, PRO24XXX, PRO32XXX, PRO36XXX, PRO4MXXX, U24XXX, U32XXX, U36, U36A, U36D, U36D-A1, U36D-RX299V, U36E, U36F, U36G, U36GC, U36JC, U36JC-1A, U36JC-A1, U36JC-B2, U36JC-B2B, U36JC-C1, U36JC-C1-CBIL, U36JC-CT3V, U36JC-CT3V-CBIL, U36JC-CT5V, U36JC-CT5V-CBIL, U36JC-NYC, U36JC-NYC2, U36JC-RX044V, U36JC-RX065V, U36JC-RX068V, U36JC-RX081V, U36JC-RX098V, U36JC-RX106V, U36JC-RX108V, U36JC-RX109V, U36JC-RX114V, U36JC-RX116V, U36JC-RX116X, U36JC-RX117D, U36JC-RX122, U36JC-RX122X, U36JC-RX125X, U36JC-RX131V, U36JC-RX134V, U36JC-RX136V, U36JC-RX136X, U36JC-RX140V, U36JC-RX144V, U36JC-RX147, U36JC-RX147V, U36JC-RX149V, U36JC-RX150, U36JC-RX150V, U36JC-RX162V, U36JC-RX164X, U36JC-RX166V, U36JC-RX166X, U36JC-RX167, U36JC-RX167V, U36JC-RX170V, U36JC-RX181D, U36JC-RX182V, U36JC-RX190D, U36JC-RX191D, U36JC-RX194V, U36JC-RX197, U36JC-RX197X, U36JC-RX200V, U36JC-RX206, 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X43U-VX004V, X43U-VX017D, X43U-VX040D, X43U-VX053D, X43U-VX083D, X43U-VX084V, X43U-VX100, X43U-VX100V, X43U-VX120D, X43V, X44, X44C, X44C-VX007D, X44H, X44H-BBR5, X44H-BD2GS, X44H-BD2GS14, X44HO, X44H-VX024D, X44H-VX025D, X44H-VX038, X44H-VX058, X44H-VX061, X44H-VX081V, X44H-VX089, X44H-VX107, X44H-VX107D, X44H-VX128D, X44H-VX129D, X44H-VX131, X44H-VX151D, X44H-VX152D, X44HY, X44L, X44L-BBK2, X44L-BBK4, X44L-VX003V, X44L-VX012D, X44L-VX076V, X44LY, X4MXXX, X50, X50C, X50M, X50N, X50R, X50RL, X50SL, X50VL, X53, X53B, X53BY, X53BY-SX196V, X53BY-SX198V, X53E, X53E-ES51, X53E-RH31, X53E-RH91, X53E-RS32, X53E-SX082V, X53E-SX1009V, X53E-SX1047V, X53E-SX1070V, X53E-SX1076V, X53E-SX1111V, X53E-SX1136V, X53E-SX1149V, X53E-SX1167V, X53E-SX1186V, X53E-SX120V, X53E-SX121D, X53E-SX1330V, X53E-SX1449V, X53E-SX1450, X53E-SX1450V, X53E-SX1452V, X53E-SX1533V, X53E-SX1533W, X53E-SX1556D, X53E-SX1564V, X53E-SX1622, X53E-SX1622V, X53E-SX1623V, X53E-SX167, X53E-SX167V, X53E-SX1776V, X53E-SX234V, X53E-SX387V, X53E-SX393V, X53E-SX399R, X53E-SX403V, X53E-SX404V, X53E-SX452V, X53E-SX806V, X53E-SX928V, X53E-SX947V, X53E-SX996V, X53E-SX997D, X53E-XR2, X53E-XR3, X53S, X53SV, X53SV-SX097V, X53SV-SX111V, X53SV-SX117V, X53SV-SX132V, X53SV-SX173V, X53SV-SX179V, X53SV-SX200V, X53SV-SX213V, X53SV-SX214V, X53SV-SX218V, X53SV-SX231V, X53SV-SX246, X53SV-SX296V, X53T, X53TA, X53U, X54, X54C, X54C-BBK11, X54C-BBK3, X54C-BBK5, X54C-BBK7, X54C-BBK9, X54C-ES91, X54C-JS91, X54C-NS92, X54C-SX025V, X54C-SX035D, X54C-SX035V, X54C-SX038D, X54C-SX047V, X54C-SX048, X54C-SX048D, X54C-SX062, X54C-SX078V, X54C-SX102V, X54C-SX103, X54C-SX105, X54C-SX118D, X54C-SX127V, X54C-SX132V, X54C-SX160, X54C-SX178R, X54C-SX182V, X54C-SX195, X54C-SX242, X54C-SX260D, X54C-SX319, X54F, X54H, X54HB, X54H-BD1BH, X54H-BD3MA, X54H-SO109, X54H-SO110, X54H-SO135, X54H-SO142D, X54H-SO157, X54H-SO166V, X54H-SO180V, X54H-SO181V, X54H-SO252, X54H-SX066O, X54H-SX066R, X54H-SX067V, X54H-SX073V, X54H-SX079V, X54H-SX091, X54H-SX091D, X54H-SX105V, X54H-SX121, X54H-SX136D, X54H-SX137D, X54H-SX168, X54H-SX189, X54H-SX227D, X54H-SX227V, X54H-SX270, X54H-SX270V, X54H-SX287, X54H-SX287V, X54HY, X54K, X54L, X54LB, X54LY, X84, X84C, X84H, X84HO, X84HY, X84L, X84LY, X84S, X84SL.

ASUS A52 A52.

ASUS A53 A53E-AH51, A53E-AS51, A53E-ES21, A53E-XN1, A53E-XT3, A53SV-EH71, A53U-ES01.

ASUS A8 A8, A8 SERIES, A8E, A8FM, A8H, A8HE, A8J, A8JA, A8JC, A8JE, A8JM, A8JN, A8JP, A8JR, A8JS, A8JV, A8LE, A8M, A8SR, A8TC.


ASUS F52 F52, F52A, F52Q, F52Q-SX030C, F52XXX.


ASUS F82 F82, F82A, F82Q, F82XXX.

ASUS K40 K40, K40AB, K40AC, K40AD, K40AE, K40AF, K40C, K40ID, K40IE, K40IJ, K40IJ-A1, K40IJ-B1B, K40IJ-C2B, K40IJ-F1B, K40IL, K40IN, K40IP, K40XXX.

ASUS K42 K42, K42F, K42JB, K42JC, K42JE, K42JR, K42JV.

ASUS K50 K50, K50AB, K50AD, K50AE, K50AF, K50C, K50I, K50ID, K50IE, K50IJ, K50IJ-BBZ5, K50IJ-BNC5, K50IJ-RX05, K50IL, K50IN-RBCB, K50I-RBBGR05, K50XXX.

ASUS K51 K51, K51AB, K51AC, K51AE, K51AE-SX049L, K51IO, K51XXX.

ASUS K52 K52, K52DE, K52DR, K52DR-BIN6, K52F, K52F-BBR5, K52F-BBR9, K52F-BIN6, K52F-D1, K52JB, K52JC, K52JE, K52JK, K52JR, K52N, K52N-BGR5, K52N-BIN6.

ASUS K53 K53E-B1, K53E-BBR11, K53E-BD4TD, K53E-DH31, K53E-DH51, K53E-DH52, K53E-DS91, K53E-RBR4, K53E-RIN5, K53E-YH31-RD, K53SV-B1, K53SV-DH51, K53SV-DH71, K53U-DH21.

ASUS K60 K60, K60I, K60IJ, K60IJ-RBLX05, K60IL, K60IN, K60I-RBBBR05, K60XXX.

ASUS K61 K61, K61IC, K61IC-A1, K61IC-A2, K61IC-X1, K61IC-X2, K61IC-X3, K61IC-X4, K61XXX.

ASUS K70 K70, K70AB, K70AC, K70AD, K70AE, K70IC, K70ID, K70IJ, K70IJ-X1, K70IL, K70IO, K70IO-A1, K70IO-B1, K70IO-TY002V, K70XXX.


ASUS M2000 M2000, M2000N.


ASUS M3000 M3000, M3000N.


ASUS M6000 M6000N.

ASUS M6700 M6700N.

ASUS M6800 M6800N.

ASUS P50 P50, P50IJ, P50IJ-X3, P50XXX.

ASUS P81 P81, P81IJ, P81XXX.


ASUS U20 U20, U20A, U20A-A1, U20A-B1, U20A-B2.

ASUS U30 U30, U30JC, U30JC-1A, U30JC-A1, U30JC-A2B, U30JC-B1, U30JC-X3K.

ASUS U33 U33, U33J, U33JC, U33JC-1A, U33JC-1A-1A, U33JC-1A-2B, U33JC-2B, U33JC-A1, U33JC-RX002X, U33JC-RX044V, U33JC-RX067, U33JC-RX068V, U33JC-RX126V, U33JC-RX134D, U33JC-RX198X, U33JT.

ASUS U36 U36JC-B1, U36SD-A1, U36SD-DH51.

ASUS U43 U43, U43F, U43F-1A, U43F-1AWX, U43F-BBA5, U43F-BBA6, U43F-BBA7, U43F-HBA7, U43F-RBA6, U43FRF-BBA6, U43J, U43JC, U43JC-1A, U43JC-2B, U43JC-A1, U43JC-B1, U43JC-BBA6, U43JC-BBA7, U43JC-C1, U43JC-MA1, U43JC-WX041V, U43JC-WX057V, U43JC-WX059V, U43JC-WX080V, U43JC-WX110X, U43JC-WX117, U43JC-WX130V, U43JC-X1, U43JC-XA1, U43SD-WX007X, U43SD-WX042X.

ASUS U46 U46E-BAL5, U46E-BAL6, U46SV-DH51.

ASUS U50 U50, U50A, U50A-RBBML05, U50F, U50F-RBBAG05, U50V, U50VG.

ASUS U52 U52, U52F, U52F-BBG6, U52F-BBL5, U52F-BBL9, U52FRF, U52FRF-BBG6.

ASUS U53 U53, U53F, U53F-1A, U53F-2B, U53F-3C, U53F-3CXX, U53F-BBL9, U53J, U53JC, U53JC-1A, U53JC-2B, U53JC-3C, U53JC-A1, U53JC-B1, U53JC-C1, U53JC-XX049C, U53JC-XX049X, U53JC-XX086V, U53JC-XX108V, U53JC-XX149V, U53JC-XX194X, U53L623, U53SD, U53SD-XX006V, U53SD-XX008X, U53SD-XX011X.

ASUS U56 U56E-BAL7, U56E-BBL5, U56E-BBL6, U56E-RBL6, U56E-RBL8.

ASUS U80 U80, U80A, U80A-RSTML05, U80-RSTM, U80V.

ASUS UL30 UL30, UL30A, UL30A SU7300, UL30A-A1, UL30A-A2, UL30A-A3B, UL30A-QX050V, UL30A-QX094V, UL30A-QX130X, UL30A-QX131V, UL30A-QX131X, UL30AT, UL30A-X1, UL30A-X2, UL30A-X3, UL30A-X4, UL30A-X5, UL30A-X5K, UL30A-X5KR, UL30JC, UL30JT, UL30JT-A1, UL30JT-RX002V, UL30JT-RX008V, UL30VT, UL30VT-A1, UL30VT-QX048X, UL30VT-X1.

ASUS UL50 UL50, UL50A, UL50AG, UL50AG-A1, UL50AG-A2, UL50AG-A3B, UL50AG-RBBBK05, UL50AG-RSTBK, UL50AG-RSTBK03, UL50AG-XX040V, UL50AT, UL50A-XX004C, UL50V, UL50VF, UL50VG, UL50VG SU7300, UL50VG-A2, UL50VG-XX002C, UL50VG-XX0032C, UL50VG-XX003V, UL50VG-XX026V, UL50VG-XX027X, UL50VG-XX031, UL50VG-XX036V, UL50VG-XX042V, UL50VS, UL50VS-A1B, UL50VS-XX005X, UL50VT, UL50VT-A1, UL50VT-RBBBK05, UL50VT-X1, UL50VT-XO037, UL50VT-XX009V, UL50VT-XX009X, UL50VT-XX010X, UL50VT-XX025X, UL50VT-XX032V, UL50V-XX025X.

ASUS UL80 UL80, UL80A, UL80AG, UL80AG-A1, UL80A-WX025, UL80A-WX033R, UL80J-BBK5, UL80JT, UL80V, UL80V-A1, UL80V-AR5B95, UL80VS, UL80V-SU7300, UL80VS-WX010X, UL80VT, UL80VT-A1, UL80VT-WX007X, UL80VT-WX009X, UL80VT-WX010X, UL80VT-WX028V, UL80VT-WX067V, UL80V-WX016C, UL80V-WX017, UL80V-WX020C, UL80V-WX022V, UL80V-WX042V, UL80V-WX051E, UL80V-WX054C, UL80V-WX070E.

ASUS UX50 UX50V-A1, UX50V-RX05.

ASUS W7 W7E, W7E-1A, W7F, W7F-1A, W7F-1B, W7J, W7J-1A, W7J-1B, W7J-3P014P, W7J-3P076P, W7J-3P103C, W7J-3P115C, W7J-3P116C, W7J-3P117E, W7J-3P154E, W7J-VP, W7S, W7S-1A, W7S-1B, W7S-3P081E, W7S-3P099E, W7S-3P099E T7500, W7S-3P100E, W7S-A1B, W7S-A1W, W7S-B1B, W7S-B1W, W7S-B2W, W7S-B3B, W7S-B3W, W7SG, W7SG-1A, W7SG-1B, W7S-L721.


ASUS X52 X52.

ASUS X53 X53E-RH31-RD, X53E-RH52, X53E-RH71, X53E-XR1, X53SV-RH51, X53U-RH11, X53U-XR1.

ASUS X65 X65, X65XXX.

ASUS X66 X66, X66IC, X66XXX.

ASUS X70 X70, X70AB, X70AC, X70AD, X70AF, X70E, X70F, X70IC, X70IJ, X70IL, X70IO, X70KR, X70L, X70SE, X70SR, X70XXX, X70Z.


ASUS X83 X83VB-X1, X83VM-X1, X83VM-X2.

ASUS X87 X87, X87Q, X87XXX.

ASUS Z71 Z71V.

ASUS Z99 Z99, Z99 SERIES, Z99FM, Z99H, Z99J, Z99JC, Z99JN, Z99JR, Z99SC.

AVERATEC 1000, 1000 SERIES, 1020-ED1, 1050-EB1, 1050-EU1, 2100, 2150, 2150-EH1, 2200, 2225, 2225-EH1, 2260, 2260-EH1, 2260-EK1, 2260-EY1, 2300, 2371, 2600, 3000, 3000 SERIES (EXCEPT 3260/70/80), 3120, 3120 SERIES, 3120V, 3123, 3123 SERIES, 3150, 3150 SERIES, 3150H, 3150HD, 3150HS, 3150HW, 3150P, 3156, 3156X, 3200, 3200 SERIES (EXCEPT 3260/70/80), 3220, 3225, 3225 SERIES, 3225HS, 3250, 3250 SERIES, 3250H1, 3250HX, 3250PX, 3265, 3265 SERIES, 3270, 3270EE, 3270EH, 3280 SERIES, 3320, 3320 SERIES, 3360, 3500 SERIES, 3500T SERIES, 3500T60, 3700 SERIES, 3715, 4100, 4100 SERIES, 4155-EH1, 4200, 4215-EH1, 4260-EH1, 4265-EH1, 4270-EH1, 5110, 5110H, 5110HX, 5110P, 5500, 6100A SERIES, 6110, 6200, 6200 SERIES, 6200H60, 6210, 6235, 6240, 7100, 7100 SERIES, 7115-EH1, 7155-EH1, AV2200, AV2225-EH1, AV2260-EH1, AV2260-EK1, AV2260-EY1, AV2300, AV3150H, AV3150HD, AV3150HS, AV3150HW, AV3150P, AV3220H1, AV3220HR, AV3225HS, AV3250H1, AV3250HS, AV3250HX, AV3250PX, AV3270-EE1, AV3270-EH1, AV3360-EG1, AV3500T60, AV3500T60-01 SERIES, AV3500T80-01 SERIES, AV6110, AV6210X60, AV6240EH1, AV7100, AV7115, AV7115-EH1, AV7155, AV7155-EA1, AV7155-EH1, AV7160, AV7160-EC1, AV7170, AV7170-EC1, C3500, C3500 SERIES, C3500T, C3500T SERIES, N2370HM1E-1, N2371DH1E-1, N2573VH1E-1.

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