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Replacement Ac Adapter for SonyLaptop Model(s) [UNIAC90WSNY]

  • AC Adapter for Sony Laptop Model(s)...
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Product Description

*** Supplied with cable and UK plug.

All our AC adapters are manufactured to the highest quality standards using the highest quality components/parts and are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Order today before 4pm from our warehouse in Surrey, and we will deliver to your UK address tomorrow*

*assuming item is in stock - call 01252 854411 with any questions.


16-19V 90 Watt.

Compatible Laptop/Netbook/Notebook Model(s):

SONY VAIO 700, 800, A, A SERIES, A130, A130 SERIES, A140, A150, A160, A170, A170 SERIES, A190, A230, A230P CTO, A240, A240P CTO, A250, A270, A270P CTO, A290, A50B, A600, A690, AX, AX SERIES, AX570G, AX580G, B, BX SERIES, BZ, C, C SERIES, C1 PICTUREBOOK, C1MV PICTUREBOOK, C1MVP PICTUREBOOK, C1MW PICTUREBOOK, C1MW1 PICTUREBOOK, C1MWP PICTUREBOOK, C1MWP1 PICTUREBOOK, C1R PICTRUBEOOK, C1VG PICTUREBOOK, C1VN PICTUREBOOK, C1VP PICTUREBOOK, C1VPK PICTUREBOOK, C1X PICTUREBOOK, C1XS PICTUREBOOK, CR, CS, E50B/B, E50B/D, E50B/S, E51B/D, E51B/S, E70B/B, E70B/S, E71B/S, E81B/B, E91B/B, F, F170P/B, FE, FE SERIES, FE590, FE590GC, FE590PA, FE590PB, FJ, FJ170/B, FJ180P/G, FJ180P/L, FJ180P/R, FJ180P/W, FJ290, FJ290P1/B, FJ290P1/L, FJ290P1/R, FJ290P1/W, FJ57SP, FJ58SP, FR, FR SERIES, FR130, FR33/B, FR55/B, FR77E/B, FS, FS SERIES, FS115B, FS115Z, FS15GP, FS15SP, FS18GP, FS18SP, FS25GP, FS25SP, FS28GP, FS28SP, FS35SP, FS38SP, FS500P12, FS520B, FS530B, FS540P, FS550, FS570, FS620, FS625B, FS625B/W, FS630/W, FS635B/W, FS640/W, FS645P/H, FS660/W, FS675P/H, FS680/W, FS690, FS730/W, FS740/W, FS742/W, FS745P/H, FS750P/W, FS755P/H, FS760/W, FS780/W, FS790, FS790BA/BZ, FS840, FS875P/H, FS8900, FS8900P3, FS8900P4, FS8900P5, FW, FX, FXA, FZ, GR315MP, GRS SERIES, GRS100, GRS100K, GRS150, GRS150K, GRS150P, GRS170, GRS170P, GRS175, GRS300, GRS515M, GRS515SP/R, GRS55/B, GRS614MK, GRS614MP, GRS615SK, GRS615SP, GRS700, GRS700 SERIES, GRS700(CTO), GRS700K, GRS750, GRV SERIES, GRV516G, GRV550, GRV616G, GRV670, GRV670P, GRV680, GRV680P, GRV7P, GRX SERIES, GRX316MP, GRX316SP, GRX415MP, GRX416SP, GRX500, GRX500 SERIES, GRX500(CTO), GRX500K, GRX500K(CTO), GRX501, GRX501(CTO), GRX501K(CTO), GRX510, GRX510K, GRX510P, GRX516MD, GRX516SP, GRX520, GRX520/B, GRX520K, GRX520P, GRX530, GRX530K, GRX530P, GRX550, GRX550K, GRX550P, GRX560, GRX560/B, GRX560K, GRX560P, GRX570, GRX570K, GRX570P, GRX580, GRX580K, GRX580P, GRX590, GRX590K, GRX590P, GRX590R, GRX590RP, GRX600, GRX600 (CTO), GRX600 SERIES, GRX600K(CTO), GRX606, GRX615G, GRX615S, GRX616MK, GRX616MP, GRX616SP, GRX626, GRX626P, GRX650, GRX650/B, GRX650P, GRX670, GRX670K, GRX670P, GRX690, GRX690K, GRX690P, GRX700, GRX700 SERIES, GRX700(CTO), GRX700K(CTO), GRX707, GRX727, GRX770, GRZ20S, GRZ515G, GRZ530, GRZ600(CTO), GRZ600P1, GRZ600P3, GRZ600P6, GRZ610, GRZ615G, GRZ615S, GRZ630, GRZ660, GRZ77/B, GRZ77E/P, N, N SERIES, NR, NS, NV SERIES, NV100, NV100 SERIES, NV105, NV109M, NV170, NV170P, NV190, NV190P, NV200, NV200 SERIES, NV209, NV290, NV55E/B, NVR23, PCG3112, PCG-719, PCG-748, PCG-792L, PCG-7V2L, PCG-812, PCG-9231, PCG-933A, PCG-9401, PCG-9411, PCG-954A, PCG-955A, PCG-961A, PCG-962A, PCG-974L, PCG-F190, PCG-F270, PCG-F360, PCG-F420, PCG-F430, PCG-F490, PCG-F520, PCG-F570, PCG-F590, PCG-F610, PCG-F630, PCG-F640, PCG-F650, PCG-F690, PCG-F809K, PCG-FR33/B, PCG-FX120, PCG-FX190, PCG-FX200K, PCG-FX210, PCG-FX215, PCG-FX240, PCG-FX250, PCG-FX270, PCG-FX310, PCG-FX340, PCG-FX370, PCG-FXA36, PCG-FXA47, PCG-FXA59, PCG-FXA63, PCG-GRS100, PCG-GRS170, PCG-GRV550, PCG-GRV670, PCG-GRV680, PCG-GRX SERIES, PCG-GRX415MP, PCG-GRX510, PCG-GRX560, PCG-GRX570, PCG-GRX670, PCG-GRX690, PCG-GRZ530, PCG-GRZ610, PCG-GRZ660, PCG-NV170, PCG-NV190, PCG-R505ECK, PCG-R505GCP, PCG-R505JL, PCG-R505TEK, PCG-R505TSK, PCG-XG29, PCG-XG700, PCG-Z505JS, PCG-Z505LS, PCG-Z505RX, PCG-Z505SX, R505, R505 SERIES, R505D, R505DC, R505DCK, R505DCP, R505DF, R505DFK, R505DFP, R505DL, R505DLK, R505DLP, R505DS, R505DSK, R505DSP, R505E, R505E SERIES, R505EC, R505EC SERIES, R505EL, R505EL/B, R505EL/S, R505ELK, R505ELKIT, R505ES, R505ESK, R505ESKIT, R505ESP, R505ESPKIT, R505G, R505G SERIES, R505GC, R505GL, R505GLK, R505GLPRO, S, S170, S360, S380, S380B PROFESSIONAL, S38GP, S400 SERIES, S430P/S, S460/B, S460P/B, S46GP, S470P/S, S480, S48GP, S500 SERIES, S55SP/S, S560P/B, S570P/S, S57SP/B, S580, S580 SERIES, S580HA/RO, SR, SZ, SZ140, SZ140PC, SZ140PD, SZ160P/C, SZ600-SZ700, T160, T170, TR, TR1, TR2, TR3, TT, TX, TXN, TZ, V505, VGN-A230, VGN-A230P CTO, VGN-A240, VGN-A240P CTO, VGN-A270, VGN-A690, VGN-A790, VGN-AR320E, VGN-AR520E, VGN-AR730E, VGN-AR825E, VGN-AR830E, VGN-AW125J, VGN-AW235J/B, VGN-AW290 CTO, VGN-AW290JFQ, VGN-AX570G, VGN-AX580G, VGN-C140G/B, VGN-C150P/B, VGN-C190, VGN-C190P/H, VGN-C1S/G, VGN-C1S/H, VGN-C1S/P, VGN-C1S/W, VGN-C1Z/B, VGN-C210E/H, VGN-C220E/H, VGN-C250N/B, VGN-C25G, VGN-C25T/W, VGN-C290, VGN-C291NW/H, VGN-C2S/G, VGN-C2S/H, VGN-C2S/L, VGN-C2S/P, VGN-C2S/W, VGN-C2Z/B, VGN-C31GH/W, VGN-C50HA/W, VGN-C50HB/W, VGN-C51HA/W, VGN-C51HB/W, VGN-C60HB/G, VGN-C60HB/H, VGN-C60HB/L, VGN-C60HB/P, VGN-C61HB/G, VGN-C61HB/H, VGN-C61HB/L, VGN-C61HB/P, VGN-C70B/W, VGN-C71B/W, VGN-C90HS, VGN-C90NS, VGN-C90S, VGN-CR116E, VGN-CR120E, VGN-CR123E, VGN-CR203E, VGN-CR220E, VGN-CR240E, VGN-CR240N/B, VGN-CR290EAL, VGN-CR290EAN, VGN-CR290EAP, VGN-CR290EAR, VGN-CR290EAW, VGN-CR305E/RC, VGN-CR307E, VGN-CR320E, VGN-CR407E, VGN-CR410E, VGN-CR420E/W, VGN-CR490EBN, VGN-CR490EBP, VGN-CR506E, VGN-CR510E, VGN-CR590EBL, VGN-CR590EBN, VGN-CR590EBP, VGN-CR590EBR, VGN-CR590EBT, VGN-CR590EBW, VGN-CS110E, VGN-CS190EUP, VGN-CS190EUQ, VGN-CS190EUR, VGN-CS190EUW, VGN-CS190JTP, VGN-CS190JTQ, VGN-CS190JTR, VGN-CS190JTT, VGN-CS190JTW, VGN-CS190JVQ/C, VGN-CS190JVW/C, VGN-CS215J, VGN-CS220J, VGN-CS290 CTO, VGN-CS290JEC, VGN-CS290JEP, VGN-CS290JEQ, VGN-CS290JER, VGN-CS290JEW, VGN-CS320J, VGN-FE SERIES, VGN-FE650G, VGN-FE670G, VGN-FE770G, VGN-FE855E, VGN-FE880E/H, VGN-FE880H, VGN-FJ270/B, VGN-FS115B, VGN-FS520B, VGN-FS550, VGN-FS635B/W, VGN-FS640/W, VGN-FS660/W, VGN-FS690, VGN-FS730/W, VGN-FS760/W, VGN-FS790, VGN-FS810/W, VGN-FS840, VGN-FS8900, VGN-FS920, VGN-FS980, VGN-FW140E, VGN-FW145E/W, VGN-FW170J, VGN-FW170J/H, VGN-FW190EDH, VGN-FW235J, VGN-FW245J, VGN-FW270J, VGN-FW290JRB, VGN-FW290JTB, VGN-FW290JTH, VGN-FW290JTW, VGN-FW290JVH, VGN-FW298Y, VGN-FW351J/H, VGN-FW355J/H, VGN-FW378J/B, VGN-FW390 CTO, VGN-FW480J/T, VGN-FW510F, VGN-FW560F, VGN-FZ140E/B, VGN-FZ145E/B, VGN-FZ180E/B, VGN-FZ190, VGN-FZ240E, VGN-FZ283BN, VGN-FZ320E, VGN-FZ410E-B, VGN-FZ430E, 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Warranty Information

12 months

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