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Replacement Ac Adapter for Lenovo, Lenovo IBMLaptop Model(s) [UNIAC90WLEN]

  • AC Adapter for Lenovo, Lenovo IBM Laptop Model(s)...
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Product Description

*** Supplied with cable and UK plug.

All our AC adapters are manufactured to the highest quality standards using the highest quality components/parts and are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Order today before 4pm from our warehouse in Surrey, and we will deliver to your UK address tomorrow*

*assuming item is in stock - call 01252 854411 with any questions.


16-19V 90 Watt.

Compatible Laptop/Netbook/Notebook Model(s):

Lenovo 3000 C100, C100-0761, C200, C200-8922, G400, G400-2048, G410, G410-2049, G510, G510-4056, G510-4059, G530, G530-4151, G530-4446, N100, N100-0689, N100-0768, N200, N200 14" WIDE, N200 14" WIDESCREEN, N200-0687, N200-0687 (14" W), N200-0769, N500, N500-4233, V100, V100-0763, V200, V200-0764, Y100, Y100-8825, Y200, Y200-6469, Y400, Y400-9454, Y410, Y410-7757, Y500, Y500-7761.

Lenovo IDEAPAD U110, U110-2304, U330, U330-2267, Y300, Y300-7759, Y300-9449, Y310, Y310-7756, Y330, Y330-2269, Y430, Y430-2781, Y510, Y510-7758, Y530, Y530-4051, Y710, Y710-4054, Y730, Y730-4053.

Lenovo IBM ThinkPad 1480L, 1720, 240, 240X, 240X/Z, 240Z, 2842-7PU, 331, 360CS, 365, 365CD, 365CS, 365CSD, 365E, 365ED, 365X, 365XD, 380, 380D, 380D-MMX, 380E, 380ED, 380SERIES, 380XC, 380XD, 380XD(TYPE 2635-EXX), 380Z, 380Z(TYPE 2635-BXX), 385, 385CD, 385D, 385D-MMX, 385E, 385ED, 385XD, 385XD (TYPE 2635-DXX), 390, 390E, 390X, 530CS, 535, 550, 560, 560C, 560E, 560X, 560X/Z, 560XD, 560Z, 570, 570E, 600, 600A, 600D, 600E, 600X, 660, 701, 701C, 701CS, 755CDV, 765D, 765L, 770, 770E, 770E/ED, 770ED, 770X, 770Z, A20, A20M, A20M-2628, A20M-2633, A20P, A20P-2629, A21, A21E, A21E-2628, A21E-2632, A21E-2655, A21M, A21M-2628, A21M-2633, A21P, A21P-2629, A22, A22E, A22E-2655, A22E-2663, A22E-2664, A22M, A22M-2628, A22M-2629, A22M-2633, A22P, A22P-2629, A22P-2633, A23, A30, A30-2652, A30-2653, A30-2654, A30P, A30P-2653, A31, A31-2652, A31-2653, A31-2654, A31E, A31M, A31P, E530, Edge 0578-26U, EDGE 14, EDGE 14 0199, EDGE 14 0578, EDGE 14 0579, EDGE 15, EDGE 15 0301, EDGE 15 0302, EDGE 15 0319, EDGE 40, EDGE 40 0199, EDGE 40 0578, EDGE 50, EDGE 50 0301, EDGE 50 0302, G50, G50-0639, G50-0640, I 1300, I 1410, I 1411, I 1418, I 1450, I 1451, I 1482, I 1500, I 1700, I 1720, I 1721, I1300 1171-NMU, I1321, I1340, I1351, I1361, I1391, I1400, I1412, I1420, I1421, I1422, I1436, I1441, I1442, I1452, I1460, I1472, I1480, I1483, I1492, I1512, I1540, I1541, I1552, I1560, I1562, I1592, I1600, I172X, I1800, L410, L410 0616, L410 2931, L412, L412 0530, L412 0553, L412 0585, L412 0591, L412 4403, L412 4404, L510, L510 2873, L512, L512 2550, L512 2597, L512 2598, L512 2599, L512 4444, L512 4447, L520, L520 5015, L520 5016, L520 5017, L520 7859, L520 7860, R30, R30-2656, R30-2657, R30-2676, R31, R31-2656, R31-2657, R31-2676, R32, R32-2658, R32-2659, R32-2677, R40, R400, R400-2782, R400-2783, R400-2784, R400-2786, R400-2787, R400-2788, R400-2789, R400-7438, R400-7439, R400-7440, R400-7443, R400-7445, R400-7446, R400-7447, R40-2681, R40-2682, R40-2683, R40-2722, R40-2723, R40-2724, R40-2892, R40-2893, R40-2896, R40-2897, R40-2898, R40-2899, R40E, R40E-2684, R40E-2685, R50, R500, R500-2713, R500-2714, R500-2716, R500-2717, R500-2718, R500-2719, R500-2720, R500-2731, R500-2732, R500-2733, R500-2735, R500-2736, R500-2737, R50-1829, R50-1830, R50-1831, R50-1836, R50-1840, R50-1841, R50E, R50E-1834, R50E-1842, R50E-2670, R50P, R50P-1832, R50P-1833, R51, R51-1829, R51-1830, R51-1831, R51-1836, R51-1840, R51-1841, R51-2883, R51-2887, R51-2888, R51-2889, R51-2894, R51-2895, R51E, R51E-1843, R51E-1844, R51E-1845, R52, R52-1846, R52-1847, R52-1848, R52-1849, R52-1850, R52-1858, R52-1859, R52-1860, R52-1861, R52-1862, R52-1863, R52-1870, R52-1958, R60, R60-9444, R60-9445, R60-9446, R60-9447, R60-9455, R60-9456, R60-9457, R60-9458, R60-9459, R60-9460, R60-9461, R60-9462, R60-9463, R60-9464, R60E, R60E-0656, R60E-0657, R60E-0658, R60E-0659, R60I, R60I-0657, R60I-9456, R60I-9461, R61, R61-7644, R61-7732, R61-7733, R61-7734, R61-7735, R61-7736, R61-7737, R61-7738, R61-7742, R61-7743, R61-7744, R61-7751, R61-7753, R61-7754, R61-7755, R61-8727, R61-8914, R61-8918, R61-8919, R61-8920, R61-8927, R61-8928, R61-8929, R61-8930, R61-8932, R61-8933, R61-8934, R61-8935, R61-8936, R61-8943, R61E, R61E-7649, R61E-7650, R61E-7657, R61I, R61I-7650, S30, S30-2639, S31, S31-2639, SL300, SL300-2738, SL400, SL400-2743, SL400C, SL400C-4413, SL410, SL410 2874, SL410 2931, SL410-2842, SL500, SL500-2746, SL500C, SL500C-4414, SL510, SL510 2847, SL510 2875, SL510 5072, T20, T20-2647, T20-2648, T21, T21-2647, T21-2648, T22, T22-2647, T22-2648, T23, T23-2647, T23-2648, T30, T30-2366, T30-2367, T40, T400, T400-2764, T400-2765, T400-2766, T400-2767, T400-2768, T400-2769, T400-2773, T400-6473, T400-6474, T400-6475, T400-7417, T400-7420, T400-7425, T400-7434, T40-2373, T40-2374, T40-2375, T40-2376, T40-2378, T40-2379, T40P, T40P-2373, T40P-2374, T41, T410, T410 2516, T410 2518, T410 2519, T410 2522, T410 2537, T410 2538, T410 2539, T410I, T410I 2516, T410I 2518, T410I 2537, T41-2373, T41-2374, T41-2375, T41-2376, T41-2378, T41-2379, T41P, T41P-2373, T41P-2374, T42, T420, T420 4177, T420 4178, T420 4179, T420 4180, T420 4236, T420 4237, T420 4238, T420I, T420I 4177, T420I 4178, T420I 4179, T420I 4180, T420I 4236, T42-2373, T42-2374, T42-2375, T42-2376, T42-2378, T42-2379, T42P, T42P-2373, T42P-2374, T42P-2376, T42P-2378, T42P-2379, T43, T43-1871, T43-1872, T43-1873, T43-1874, T43-1875, T43-1876, T43-2668, T43-2669, T43-2678, T43-2679, T43-2686, T43-2687, T43P, T43P-2668, T43P-2669, T43P-2678, T43P-2679, T43P-2686, T43P-2687, T500, T500-2055, T500-2056, T500-2081, T500-2082, T500-2083, T500-2087, T500-2088, T500-2089, T500-2241, T500-2242, T500-2243, T500-2246, T500-2247, T500-2261, T51, T510, T510 4313, T510 4314, T510 4339, T510 4349, T510 4384, T510 4484, T510 4873, T510I, T510I 4313, T510I 4314, T510I 4339, T520, T520 4239, T520 4240, T520 4241, T520 4242, T520 4243, T520 4246, T520I, T520I 4239, T520I 4240, T520I 4242, T60, T60-1951, T60-1952, T60-1953, T60-1954, T60-1955, T60-1956, T60-2007, T60-2008, T60-2009, T60-2613, T60-2623, T60-2637, T60-6369, T60-6370, T60-6371, T60-6372, T60-6373, T60-6374, T60-8741, T60-8742, T60-8743, T60-8744, T60-8745, T60-8746, T60P, T60P-1952, T60P-2007, T60P-2008, T60P-2009, T60P-2613, T60P-2623, T60P-2637, T60P-8741, T60P-8742, T60P-8743, T60P-8744, T60P-8745, T60P-8746, T61, T61-1959, T61-6377, T61-6378, T61-6379, T61-6457, T61-6458, T61-6459, T61-6460, T61-6461, T61-6462, T61-6463, T61-6464, T61-6465, T61-6466, T61-6467, T61-6468, T61-6470, T61-6471, T61-6480, T61-6481, T61-7658, T61-7659, T61-7660, T61-7661, T61-7662, T61-7663, T61-7664, T61-7665, T61-8889, T61P (14" SCREEN), T61P-6457, T61P-6458, T61P-6459, T61P-6460, T61P-6461, T61P-6462, T61P-6463, T61P-6470, T61P-8889, T61P-8890, T61P-8891, T61P-8892, T61P-8939, W500, W500-2055, W500-4058, W500-4061, W500-4062, W500-4063, W500-4064, W500-4065, W510, W510 4318, W510 4319, W510 4387, W510 4389, W510 4391, W510 4875, W510 4876, W520, W520 4260, W520 4270, W520 4276, W520 4282, W520 4284, X20, X200, X200 TABLET, X200-2024, X200-2047 TABLET, X200-2266 TABLET, X200-4184 TABLET, X200-7448 TABLET, X200-7449 TABLET, X200-7450 TABLET, X200-7453 TABLET, X200-7454, X200-7455, X200-7457, X200-7458, X200-7459, X200S, X200S-2046, X200S-2047, X200S-7462, X200S-7465, X200S-7466, X200S-7469, X200S-7470, X20-2660, X20-2661, X20-2662, X21, X21-2660, X21-2662, X22, X22-2660, X22-2662, X23, X23-2660, X23-2662, X24, X24-2660, X24-2662, X30, X300, X300-2748, X300-2749, X300-4052, X300-4183, X300-6476, X300-6477, X300-6478, X301, X30-2672, X30-2673, X31, X31-2672, X31-2673, X31-2884, X31-2885, X31-2890, X31-2891, X32, X32-2672, X32-2673, X32-2884, X32-2885, X32-2890, X32-2891, X40, X40-2369, X40-2370, X40-2371, X40-2372, X40-2382, X40-2386, X41, X41 TABLET, X41-1864, X41-1865, X41-1866 TABLET, X41-1867 TABLET, X41-1868 TABLET, X41-1869 TABLET, X41-2525, X41-2526, X41-2527, X41-2528, X60, X60 TABLET, X60 TABLET 6363, X60 TABLET 6364, X60 TABLET 6365, X60 TABLET 6366, 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Warranty Information

12 months

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