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Replacement Ac Adapter for Acer, Dell, Gateway, HP, HP Compaq, Lenovo, MSI, ToshibaLaptop Model(s) [UNIAC30WNETB]

  • AC Adapter for Acer, Dell, Gateway, HP Laptop Model(s)...
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Product Description

*** Supplied with cable and UK plug.

High Quality Replacement AC Adapter for:

  • DELL Y877G
  • HP Compaq 496813-001

All our AC adapters are manufactured to the highest quality standards using the highest quality components/parts and are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Order today before 4pm from our warehouse in Surrey, and we will deliver to your UK address tomorrow*

*assuming item is in stock - call 01252 854411 with any questions.


19V 1.58A 30 Watt.

Compatible Laptop/Netbook/Notebook Model(s):

ACER ASPIRE 1410, 1410-2039, 1410-2099, 1410-2285, 1410-2497, 1410-2706, 1410-2762, 1410-2801, 1410-2920, 1410-2936, 1410-2954, 1410-2990, 1410-742G16N, 1410-8414, 1410-8804, 1410T, 1810, 1810T, 1810T-352G25N, 1810T-733G25N, 1810T-8459, 1810T-8488, 1810T-8638, 1810T-8679, 1810TZ, 1810TZ-412G25N, 1810TZ-413G25N, 1810TZ-414G16N, 1810TZ-414G25, 1810TZ-4906, A150-1553, A150-1555, AO751H-1021, AO751H-1080, AO751H-1145, AO751H-1153, AO751H-1192, AO751H-1196, AO751H-1211, AO751H-1259, AO751H-1273, AO751H-1279, AO751H-1346, AO751H-1351, AO751H-1373, AO751H-1378, AO751H-1401, AO751H-1442, AO751H-1522, AO751H-1534, AO751H-1545, AO751H-1611, AO751H-1885, AO751H-1893, AO751H-1948, AOA110, AOA110-1137, AOA110-1295, AOA110-1545, AOA110-1588, AOA110-1691, AOA110-1698, AOA110-1722, AOA110-1812, AOA110-1831, AOA110-1834, AOA110-1948, AOA110-1955, AOA110-1995, AOA110-AB, AOA110-AC, AOA110-AGB, AOA110-AGC, AOA110-AW, AOA110-BB, AOA110-BC, AOA110-BGB, AOA110-BGW, AOA110-BW, AOA110L, AOA110X, AOA150, AOA150-1006, AOA150-1029, AOA150-1049, AOA150-1068, AOA150-1126, AOA150-1178, AOA150-1249, AOA150-1359, AOA150-1382, AOA150-1435, AOA150-1447, AOA150-1493, AOA150-1505, AOA150-1532, AOA150-1553, AOA150-1555, AOA150-1566, AOA150-1570, AOA150-1635, AOA150-1649, AOA150-1672, AOA150-1690, AOA150-1706, AOA150-1777, AOA150-1784, AOA150-1786, AOA150-1887, AOA150-1890, AOA150-1905, AOA150-1949, AOA150-1983, AOA150-1997, AOA150-AB, AOA150-AC, AOA150-AW, AOA150-BB, AOA150-BB1, AOA150-BC, AOA150-BGB, AOA150-BGC, AOA150-BGW, AOA150-BK, AOA150-BK1, AOA150-BW, AOA150-BW1, AOA150L, AOA150X, AOD150, AOD150-1044, AOD150-1125, AOD150-1156, AOD150-1165, AOD150-1197, AOD150-1322, AOD150-1462, AOD150-1606, AOD150-1647, AOD150-1860, AOD150-1920, AOD150-1B, AOD150-1BR, AOD150-BK, AOD250, AOD250-1026, AOD250-1042, AOD250-1116, AOD250-1151, AOD250-1165, AOD250-1185, AOD250-1610, AOD250-1924, AOD250-1990, AS1410, AS1410-2039, AS1410-2285, AS1410-2497, AS1410-2801, AS1410-2936, AS1410-2954, AS1410-8000, AS1410-8414, AS1410-8804, AS1410-8913, AS1810T-351G25N, AS1810T-352G25N, AS1810T-352G32N, AS1810T-353G25I, AS1810T-353G25N, AS1810T-353G32N, AS1810T-354G25N, AS1810T-354G32N, AS1810T-8638, AS1810TZ, AS1810TZ-4013, AS1810TZ-411G25N, AS1810TZ-412G25N, AS1810TZ-412G32N, AS1810TZ-413G32I, AS1810TZ-413G32N, AS1810TZ-4174, ONE, ONE 10.1", ONE 751H-1021, ONE 751H-1080, ONE 751H-1211, ONE 751H-1259, ONE 751H-1273, ONE 751H-1279, ONE 751H-1346, ONE 751H-1351, ONE 751H-1401, ONE 751H-1522, ONE 751H-1534, ONE 751H-1611, ONE 751H-1893, ONE 751H-1948, ONE 8.4", ONE 8.9", ONE A110, ONE A110-1137, ONE A110-1295, ONE A110-1545, ONE A110-1588, ONE A110-1691, ONE A110-1698, ONE A110-1722, ONE A110-1812, ONE A110-1831, ONE A110-1834, ONE A110-1948, ONE A110-1955, ONE A110-1995, ONE A110-AB, ONE A110-AC, ONE A110-AGB, ONE A110-AGC, ONE A110-AW, ONE A110-BB, ONE A110-BC, ONE A110-BGB, ONE A110-BGW, ONE A110-BW, ONE A110L, ONE A110X, ONE A150, ONE A150-1006, ONE A150-1029, ONE A150-1049, ONE A150-1068, ONE A150-1126, ONE A150-1178, ONE A150-1249, ONE A150-1359, ONE A150-1382, ONE A150-1435, ONE A150-1447, ONE A150-1493, ONE A150-1505, ONE A150-1532, ONE A150-1553, ONE A150-1555, ONE A150-1566, ONE A150-1570, ONE A150-1635, ONE A150-1649, ONE A150-1672, ONE A150-1690, ONE A150-1706, ONE A150-1777, ONE A150-1784, ONE A150-1786, ONE A150-1887, ONE A150-1890, ONE A150-1905, ONE A150-1949, ONE A150-1983, ONE A150-1997, ONE A150-AB, ONE A150-AC, ONE A150-AW, ONE A150-BB, ONE A150-BB1, ONE A150-BC, ONE A150-BGB, ONE A150-BGC, ONE A150-BGW, ONE A150-BK, ONE A150-BK1, ONE A150-BW, ONE A150-BW1, ONE A150L, ONE A150X, ONE BLACK, ONE CORAL PINK, ONE D150, ONE D250, ONE GOLDEN BROWN, ONE SAPPHIRE BLUE, ONE SEASHELL WHITE, ONE SHADOW BLACK, ONE SUNSET RED.

AVERATEC 1030, N1030.

DELL INSPIRON 10, 12, 9, 9 (910).



GATEWAY EC EC14, EC1409U, EC1410U, EC1430U, EC1433U, EC1435U, EC1436U, EC1437U, EC1440U, EC1454U, EC1455U, EC1456U, EC1457U.

GATEWAY LT 1000 SERIES, 1001, 1001G, 1001J, 1004, 1005, LT1000, LT1000 SERIES, LT1004U, LT1005U, LT2000, LT2001, LT2001U, LT2021, LT2021U, LT2032, LT2032U, LT3000, LT3100, LT3103, LT3103U, LT3114, LT3114U, LT3314U.


HP VA733UA, VM132UA, VM147UA#ABA, VM148UA, WA545UA, WA546UA, WE823UA, WE825UA#ABA, WQ587UA#AB, XZ136UA.

HP MINI 1000, 1000 CTO, 1000 VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1001TU, 1001XX, 1002TU, 1002XX, 1003TU, 1004TU, 1005TU, 1006TU, 1007TU, 1008TU, 1009TU, 1010LA, 1010NR, 1010TU, 1011TU, 1012TU, 1013TU, 1014TU, 1015TU, 1016TU, 1017TU, 1018TU VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1019TU VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1020LA, 1020TU VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1021TU, 1022TU, 1023TU, 1024TU, 1025TU, 1030NR, 1033CL, 1035NR, 1050LA, 1090LA, 1097EI VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1098EI VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1099EA VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1099ED VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1099EE VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1099EF VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1099EG VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1099EI VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1099EK VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1099EL VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1099EM VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1099EN VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1099EP VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1099ER VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1099ES VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1099ET VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1099EW VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 110, 1100, 1100 CTO, 1100 CTO VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1100CM, 110-1000, 110-1030NR, 1101TU, 1102TU, 110-3000, 1103TU, 1104TU, 1105TU, 1106TU, 1107TU, 1108TU, 1109TU, 1110LA, 1110NR, 1110TU, 1111TU VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1112TU, 1113TU, 1114TU, 1115NR, 1115TU, 1116NR, 1116TU, 1117TU VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1118TU, 1119TU, 1120BR, 1120LA, 1120NR, 1120TU VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1121TU, 1122TU, 1123TU, 1124TU, 1125NR, 1125TU, 1126NR, 1126TU, 1127TU, 1128TU, 1129TU, 1130CM, 1131TU, 1132TU, 1133CA, 1135CA, 1137NR, 1139NR, 1140NR VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1141NR VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1150BR, 1150CM, 1150LA, 1150NR, 1151NR, 1152NR, 1153NR, 1154NR, 1160CM, 1170CM, 1180CM, 1190BR, 1198EO VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1199EA VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1199EB VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1199EC VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1199EE VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1199EH VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1199EJ VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1199EO VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1199EP VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1199EQ VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1199ER VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1199ET VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1199EV VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 1199EZ VIVIENNE TAM EDITION, 210-1000, 210-1000 CTO, 210-1000 VIVIENNE TAM EDITION PC SERIES, 210-1000EP, 210-1000SP, 210-1000VT CTO VIVIENNE TAM EDITION PC, 210-1001TU, 210-1001XX, 210-1002TU, 210-1003TU, 210-1003XX, 210-1004TU, 210-1005TU, 210-1006TU, 210-1007TU, 210-1008TU, 210-1009TU, 210-1010CA, 210-1010EF, 210-1010NR, 210-1010TU, 210-1011TU, 210-1012EF, 210-1012TU, 210-1013EF, 210-1013TU, 210-1014TU, 210-1015TU, 210-1016TU, 210-1017TU, 210-1018CL, 210-1018TU, 210-1019LA, 210-1019TU, 210-1020BR, 210-1020TU, 210-1021TU, 210-1022EO, 210-1022TU, 210-1023TU, 210-1024TU, 210-1025LA, 210-1025TU, 210-1026TU, 210-1027TU, 210-1028LA, 210-1028TU, 210-1029TU, 210-1030NR, 210-1030TU, 210-1031TU, 210-1032CL, 210-1032TU, 210-1033TU, 210-1033VU, 210-1034TU, 210-1034VU, 210-1035LA, 210-1035TU, 210-1035VU, 210-1036TU, 210-1036VU, 210-1037TU, 210-1037VU, 210-1038TU, 210-1038VU, 210-1039TU, 210-1039VU, 210-1040BR, 210-1040LA, 210-1040NR, 210-1040TU, 210-1040VU, 210-1041ER, 210-1041NR, 210-1041TU, 210-1041VU, 210-1042TU, 210-1042VU VIVIENNE TAM EDITION PC, 210-1043TU, 210-1044NR, 210-1044TU, 210-1045TU, 210-1046TU, 210-1047TU, 210-1048TU, 210-1049TU, 210-1050BR, 210-1050LA, 210-1050NR, 210-1050TU, 210-1051TU, 210-1052TU, 210-1053TU, 210-1054TU, 210-1055NR, 210-1055TU, 210-1056TU, 210-1057NR, 210-1057TU, 210-1058TU, 210-1059TU, 210-1060BR, 210-1060CA, 210-1060TU, 210-1061TU, 210-1062TU, 210-1063TU, 210-1064TU, 210-1065TU, 210-1066TU, 210-1067TU, 210-1068TU, 210-1069TU, 210-1070CA, 210-1070EM, 210-1070LA, 210-1070NR, 210-1070TU, 210-1071CA, 210-1071TU, 210-1072TU, 210-1073TU, 210-1074TU, 210-1075CA, 210-1075TU, 210-1076NR, 210-1076TU, 210-1077CA, 210-1077NR, 210-1077TU, 210-1078TU, 210-1079CA, 210-1079NR, 210-1079TU, 210-1080CA, 210-1080NR, 210-1080TU, 210-1081NR, 210-1081TU, 210-1082DX, 210-1082TU, 210-1083CA, 210-1083TU, 210-1084NR, 210-1084TU, 210-1085NR, 210-1085TU, 210-1086TU, 210-1087NR, 210-1087TU, 210-1088TU, 210-1089TU, 210-1090CA, 210-1090NR, 210-1090TU, 210-1091NR, 210-1091TU, 210-1092DX, 210-1092TU, 210-1094NR, 210-1095CA VIVIENNE TAM EDITION PC, 210-1095NR, 210-1095TU, 210-1096TU, 210-1097NR, 210-1097TU, 210-1098EH VIVIENNE TAM EDITION PC, 210-1098SE VIVIENNE TAM EDITION PC, 210-1098TU, 210-1099EH VIVIENNE TAM EDITION PC, 210-1099SE VIVIENNE TAM EDITION PC, 210-1099TU, 2102, 700, 700ED, 700EE, 700EF, 700EI, 700EK, 700EL, 700EM, 700EN, 700EP, 700ER, 700ET, 700EW, 701ED, 701EG, 701EI, 701EM, 701ER, 701ES, 701ET, 702EA, 703EA, 705EI, 705ES, 730, 730EA, 730EB, 730EE, 730EJ, 730EO, 730EQ, 730EV, 730EZ, 731EA, 731EH, 731EI, 731ET, 733EB, 733EF, 735EF, 735EI, 735EO, 735EQ, 735ES, CQ10-40, LT023UA, va723ua, VD068UA, VM135UA, VM146UA, WH861UA#ABA, WQ587UA#ABA, WQ588UA#AB, WQ818UA#AB, XH024UA#ABA.

HP Compaq ARMADA 1100.

HP Compaq MINI 110-1030.

Lenovo IDEAPAD S10, S10-2, S10-2 2007, S10-2 2957, S10-4231, S10-4329, S10-4333, S10E, S10E-4068, S10E-4187, S10-S010, S9, S9-4067, S9E, S9E-4068, S9E-4178.

MSI WIND MS-N011, NB10051 (PINK), NB10052, NB10053, NB10059, NB10060, U100, U100 10" PINK, U100-001CA, U100-001US, U100-002CA, U100-002LA, U100-002US, U100-016US, U100-030CA, U100-030US, U100-035LA, U100-035US, U100-036LA, U100-037CA, U100-039LA, U100-043US, U100-053LA, U100-053US, U100-1616NXP, U100-1616XP, U100-1618XP, U100-244, U100-262TW, U100-279US, U100-280US, U100-286MY, U100-411US, U100-420US, U100-422CA, U100-432US, U100-439US, U100-451US, U100-641US, U100-843, U100-843US, U100W-085NL, U100X, U115, U120, U120-001US, U120-020US, U120-024US, U90, U90X.

TOSHIBA MINI NOTEBOOK NB200, NB200-002, NB200-006, NB200-00P, NB205, NB205-N210, NB205-N211, NB205-N2XX, NB205-N310, NB205-N310/BN, NB205-N311, NB205-N311/W, NB205-N312, NB205-N312/BL, NB205-N313, NB205-N313/P, NB205-N3XX.

Warranty Information

12 months

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