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Laptop Battery for TOSHIBA Portege R830 R835 R930 R935; Satellite R845; Tecra R840 R940 (9 - cell 10.8V 7800mAh) [TOS - 1320]

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Product Description

High Quality Replacement Laptop Battery for:

  • TOSHIBA Portege R830, R835, R930, R935; Satellite R845; Tecra R840, R940 (8400) series.

All our batteries are manufactured to the highest quality standards using the highest quality Li-Ion or Li-Poly cell, s, and are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Order today before 4pm from our warehouse in Surrey, and we will deliver to your UK address tomorrow.

*assuming item is in stock - call 01252 854411 with any questions.


9-cell 7800mAh 10.8V Lilon

Compatible Laptop/Netbook/Notebook Model(s):

SATELLITE R945, SATELLITE R945-P440, PT320E-02U01REN, PT320E-07Y01REN, PT320E-0CT01REN, PT320E-0F901REN, PT320E-0GG01REN, PT320E-0HJ01REN, PT320E-0JH01REN, PT320E-0JJ01REN, PT321E-00P00YEN, PT321E-00T00YEN, PT321E-01E00YEN, PT321E-01F00YEN, PT321E-0850300N, PT321E-0G100YEN, PT321E-0PC00YEN, PT330E-02000WEN, PT331E-00P006EN, PT331E-01E006EN, PT331E-01F006EN, PT331E-01G006EN, PT331E-07804C0N, PT42FE-01L00YEN, PT42FE-01X00YEN, PT42FE-02W00YEN, PT42FE-03D00YEN, PT42GE-00C006EN, PT42GE-00G006EN, PT42GE-00N006EN, PT42GE-02801Y0N, PT42GE-05M006EN, PT42GE-06M006EN, PT43FE-00D008EN, PT43GE-00E009EN, PT43GE-00G009EN, PT43GE-010009EN, PT43GE-02W02G0N, PORTEGE PT320C-0F502L, PORTEGE PT321C-02P01T, PORTEGE PT324C-03X010, PORTEGE PT324C-03Y010, PORTEGE PT324U-02U00X, PORTEGE PT330C-005009, PORTEGE PT330C-00V009, PORTEGE PT331C-006003, PORTEGE PT331C-007003, PORTEGE PT331C-008003, PORTEGE PT331C-009003, PORTEGE R830-104, PORTEGE R830-10Q, PORTEGE R830-138, PORTEGE R830-139, PORTEGE R830-13C, PORTEGE R830-17C, PORTEGE R830-195, PORTEGE R830-1DX, PORTEGE R830-1DZ, PORTEGE R830-1G2, PORTEGE R830-1HD, PORTEGE R830-1JV, PORTEGE R830-1JX, PORTEGE R830-1JZ, PORTEGE R830-1K1, PORTEGE R830-LANDIS-052059, PORTEGE R830-LANDIS-0NP059, PORTEGE R830-S8310, PORTEGE R830-S8312, PORTEGE R830-S8320, PORTEGE R830-S8322, PORTEGE R830-S8330, PORTEGE R830-S8332, PORTEGE R830-ST6N03, PORTEGE R830-ST8300, PORTEGE R835-P50X, PORTEGE R835-P55X, PORTEGE R835-P56X, PORTEGE R835-P70, PORTEGE R835-P75, PORTEGE R835-P81, PORTEGE R835-P83, PORTEGE R835-P84, PORTEGE R835-P86, PORTEGE R835-P88, PORTEGE R835-P89, PORTEGE R835-P92, PORTEGE R835-P94, PORTEGE R835-ST3N01, PORTEGE R835-ST6N01, PORTEGE R835-ST6N02, PORTEGE R930-10J, PORTEGE R930-115, PORTEGE R930-116, PORTEGE R930-117, PORTEGE R930-12Q, PORTEGE R930-13U, PORTEGE R930-BT9300, PORTEGE R930-S9320, PORTEGE R930-S9330, PORTEGE R930-W9320, PORTEGE R935-P326, PORTEGE R935-P330, PORTEGE R935-P332, PORTEGE R935-ST2N01, PORTEGE R935-ST2N02, SATELLITE R830-10C, SATELLITE R830-142, SATELLITE R830-143, SATELLITE R830-181, SATELLITE R830-182, SATELLITE R830-1E2, SATELLITE R830-1G0, SATELLITE R830-1G1, SATELLITE R830-1GZ, SATELLITE R830-1L7, SATELLITE R845-S80, SATELLITE R845-S85, SATELLITE R845-S95, SATELLITE R845-ST5N01, SATELLITE R845-ST6N01, TECRA B-PT42GC-009014, TECRA PT429C-02X01T, TECRA PT42FC-012003, TECRA PT42GC-009014, TECRA PT42GC-00K014, TECRA PT439C-00K002, TECRA PT439C-00L002, TECRA PT43FC-006005, TECRA PT43FC-015005, TECRA PT43GC-022007, TECRA PT43GC-023007, TECRA R840-10Z, TECRA R840-11E, TECRA R840-12F, TECRA R840-13M, TECRA R840-14H, TECRA R840-15J, TECRA R840-17Q, TECRA R840-17R, TECRA R840-198, TECRA R840-199, TECRA R840-S8410, TECRA R840-S8411, TECRA R840-S8412, TECRA R840-S8413, TECRA R840-S8415, TECRA R840-S8419, TECRA R840-S8420, TECRA R840-S8422, TECRA R840-S8430, TECRA R840-S8432, TECRA R840-S8440, TECRA R840-S8450, TECRA R840-ST7800, TECRA R840-ST8401, TECRA R840-ST8402, TECRA R940-1CV, TECRA R940-1CW, TECRA R940-1D6, TECRA R940-1DC, TECRA R940-1EE, TECRA R940-BT9400, TECRA R940-S9420, TECRA R940-S9430, TECRA R940-S9440, TECRA R940-SMBG1X, TECRA R940-SMBGX1, TECRA R940-SMBN22, TECRA R940-ST2N01, TECRA R940-W9420.

Warranty Information

12 months

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