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Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion Series / HP Compaq Touchsmart SeriesLaptops (6-cell 7800mAh 7.4v ) [HPK-1314]

  • Battery for HP Pavilion Series / HP Compaq Touchsmart Series
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Product Description

High Quality Replacement Laptop Battery for:

  • HP 436932-001
  • HP 437403-321
  • HP 437403-361
  • HP 441132-001
  • HP 441132-002
  • HP 441132-003
  • HP 534133-291
  • HP NBP6A65
  • HP NBP6A65B1
  • HP RQ204AA
  • HP SP06

All our batteries are manufactured to the highest quality standards using the highest quality Li-Ion or Li-Poly cells, and are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Order today before 4pm from our warehouse in Surrey, and we will deliver to your UK address tomorrow*

*assuming item is in stock - call 01252 854411 with any questions.


6-cell 7800mAh 7.4v 57.7WH Lithium Ion (Li-Ion).

Compatible Laptop/Netbook/Notebook Model(s):

HP FE920UA#AB, GA648UA#AB, GS867UA, KN970UA#AB, NB221UA, NV175UA, VM308UA.

HP PAVILION TX1000, TX1000 CTO, TX1000Z CTO, TX1001AU, TX1001XX, TX1002AU, TX1002XX, TX1003AU, TX1003XX, TX1004AU, TX1005AU, TX1006AU, TX1007AU, TX1008AU, TX1009AU, TX1010AU, TX1011AU, TX1012AU, TX1013AU, TX1014AU, TX1015AU, TX1016AU, TX1017AU, TX1019AU, TX1020AU, TX1020EA, TX1021AU, TX1030EA, TX1030LA, TX1040EA, TX1070BR, TX1080EA, TX1102AU, TX1103AU, TX1104AU, TX1105AU, TX1106AU, TX1107AU, TX1110CA, TX1110US, TX1115NR, TX1119US, TX1120US, TX1126EA, TX1127CL, TX1127EA, TX1128EA, TX1138EA, TX1140EA, TX1150EA, TX1151EA, TX1201AU, TX1201XX, TX1202AU, TX1202XX, TX1203AU, TX1204AU, TX1205AU, TX1205US, TX1206AU, TX1207AU, TX1208AU, TX1208CA, TX1209AU, TX1210AU, TX1210CA, TX1210US, TX1211AU, TX1212AU, TX1213AU, TX1214AU, TX1215AU, TX1215NR, TX1216AU, TX1217AU, TX1217CL, TX1218AU, TX1218CA, TX1219AU, TX1219US, TX1220AU, TX1220CA, TX1220US, TX1221AU, TX1222AU, TX1223AU, TX1224AU, TX1225AU, TX1226AU, TX1228CA, TX1230LA, TX1232LA, TX1250EA, TX1250EO, TX1302AU, TX1303AU, TX1304CA, TX1305AU, TX1305CA, TX1305US, TX1306AU, TX1306NR, TX1307AU, TX1308AU, TX1308CA, TX1308NR, TX1310AU, TX1311AU, TX1312AU, TX1314CA, TX1316AU, TX1318CA, TX1320CA, TX1320US, TX1325NR, TX1327CL, TX1330LA, TX1332LA, TX1340EA, TX1350EE, TX1402AU, TX1403AU, TX1404AU, TX1410US, TX1414CA, TX1416CA, TX1417CL, TX1418CA, TX1419NR, TX1420CA, TX1420US, TX1499US, TX2, TX2000ED, TX2000EP, TX2000ES, TX2000Z CTO, TX2001AU, TX2002AU, TX2003AU, TX2004AU, TX2005AU, TX2006AU, TX2007AU, TX2008AU, TX2009AU, TX2010AU, TX2010EO, TX2010ER, TX2010ES, TX2011AU, TX2012AU, TX2013AU, TX2014AU, TX2015AU, TX2016AU, TX2017AU, TX2018AU, TX2019AU, TX2020AU, TX2020EO, TX2021AU, TX2022AU, TX2023AU, TX2024AU, TX2025AU, TX2025EL, TX2026AU, TX2027AU, TX2028AU, TX2029AU, TX2030AU, TX2030EE, TX2030EN, TX2031AU, TX2032AU, TX2032LA, TX2033AU, TX2040ET, TX2050EA, TX2050EF, TX2050EG, TX2050EP, TX2051XX, TX2052XX, TX2054XX, TX2070EE, TX2070EN, TX2075BR, TX2100EP, TX2100ER, TX2101AU, TX2102AU, TX2103AU, TX2104AU, TX2104CA, TX2105AU, TX2106AU, TX2107AU, TX2108AU, TX2108CA, TX2109AU, TX2110CA, TX2110ES, TX2110US, TX2113CL, TX2114CA, TX2115NR, TX2117CL, TX2120ES, TX2120US, TX2130EA, TX2130EL, TX2130ES, TX2130ET, TX2140EG, TX2150EE, TX2150EF, TX2150EI, TX2151XX, TX2152XX, TX2170EE, TX2500EA, TX2500Z CTO, TX2501AU, TX2502AU, TX2503AU, TX2504AU, TX2505AU, TX2506AU, TX2506EL, TX2508CA, TX2509AU, TX2510CA, TX2510EA, TX2510EL, TX2510US, TX2511AU, TX2512AU, TX2513AU, TX2513CL, TX2514CA, TX2515AU, TX2516AU, TX2517AU, TX2517CA, TX2517CL, TX2518AU, TX2519AU, TX2520AU, TX2520EA, TX2520EF, TX2520EJ, TX2520ER, TX2520ES, TX2521AU, TX2522AU, TX2524AU, TX2524CA, TX2525AU, TX2525NR, TX2526AU, TX2527AU, TX2528AU, TX2529AU, TX2530AU, TX2530EA, TX2530EE, TX2530EI, TX2530ES, TX2531AU, TX2532AU, TX2532LA, TX2533AU, TX2534AU, TX2536AU, TX2540BR, TX2540EA, TX2540ES, TX2550EA, TX2550ED, TX2550EE, TX2550EG, TX2550EI, TX2550EP, TX2550ER, TX2550ES, TX2550EW, TX2550TR, TX2551XX, TX2552XX, TX2570BR, TX2570EP, TX2570ES, TX2590EO, TX2602AU, TX2603AU, TX2604AU, TX2604CA, TX2605AU, TX2606AU, TX2607AU, TX2608AU, TX2608CA, TX2609AU, TX2610AU, TX2611AU, TX2612AU, TX2613AU, TX2614AU, TX2615AU, TX2616AU, TX2617CA, TX2620EJ, TX2620ES, TX2622NR, TX2623CA, TX2625ES, TX2627CL, TX2630EA, TX2630ES, TX2630ET, TX2635EA, TX2635ES, TX2635US, TX2640ER, TX2640ES, TX2645EE, TX2645EI, TX2650ED, TX2650EG, TX2650EP, TX2650ER, TX2650EW, TX2670EF, TX2670EO, TX2675EE, TX2690EO, TX2697CL.

HP Compaq TOUCHSMART TX2, TX2-1002AU, TX2-1003AU, TX2-1004AU, TX2-1005AU, TX2-1006AU, TX2-1007AU, TX2-1008AU, TX2-1009AU, TX2-1010AU, TX2-1010EA, TX2-1010ET, TX2-1011AU, TX2-1012AU, TX2-1012NR, TX2-1013AU, TX2-1014AU, TX2-1015AU, TX2-1015EA, TX2-1016AU, TX2-1017AU, TX2-1018AU, TX2-1019AU, TX2-1020AU, TX2-1020CA, TX2-1020EA, TX2-1020US, TX2-1021AU, TX2-1022AU, TX2-1024CA, TX2-1025DX, TX2-1027CA, TX2-1030CM, TX2-1031CM, TX2-1032CM, TX2-1035EE, TX2-1035EI, TX2-1040BR, TX2-1050ED, TX2-1050EF, TX2-1050EJ, TX2-1050EL, TX2-1050EO, TX2-1050EP, TX2-1050ES, TX2-1050EW, TX2-1051XX, TX2-1055EE, TX2-1070BR, TX2-1075EE, TX2-1080LA, TX2-1099EG, TX2-1101ET, TX2-1102AU, TX2-1103AU, TX2-1104AU, TX2-1105AU, TX2-1105EE, TX2-1105EI, TX2-1106AU, TX2-1107AU, TX2-1108AU, TX2-1109AU, TX2-1110AU, TX2-1111AU, TX2-1112AU, TX2-1113AU, TX2-1114AU, TX2-1115AU, TX2-1115EE, TX2-1116AU, TX2-1117AU, TX2-1118AU, TX2-1119AU, TX2-1120AU, TX2-1121AU, TX2-1122AU, TX2-1123AU, TX2-1124AU, TX2-1125EE, TX2-1150ED, TX2-1150EF, TX2-1150EG, TX2-1150EP, TX2-1150ES, TX2-1160EA, TX2-1160EO, TX2-1165EA, TX2-1200EO, TX2-1201AU, TX2-1202AU, TX2-1204AU, TX2-1205AU, TX2-1208AU, TX2-1209AU, TX2-1210AU, TX2-1210ER, TX2-1211AU, TX2-1212AU, TX2-1213AU, TX2-1214AU, TX2-1215AU, TX2-1216AU, TX2-1217AU, TX2-1218AU, TX2-1219AU, TX2-1224CA, TX2-1230ES, TX2-1244CA, TX2-1250EA, TX2-1250ED, TX2-1250EE, TX2-1250EF, TX2-1250ES, TX2-1250ET, TX2-1270US, TX2-1274NR, TX2-1275DX, TX2-1277NR, TX2-1302AU, TX2-1303AU, TX2-1304AU, TX2-1305AU, TX2-1306AU, TX2-1307AU, TX2-1308AU, TX2-1309AU, TX2-1310AU, TX2-1311AU, TX2-1312AU, TX2-1313AU, TX2-1314AU, TX2-1315AU, TX2-1316AU, TX2-1317AU, TX2-1318AU, TX2-1319AU, TX2-1320AU, TX2-1321AU, TX2-1322AU, TX2-1323AU, TX2-1324AU, TX2-1325AU, TX2-1360CA, TX2-1370US, TX2-1375DX, TX2-1377NR, TX2-1380LA, TX2Z-1000 CTO, TX2Z-1300 CTO.

Warranty Information

12 months

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